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Garithex the Mountain

Rank Mob
Zone The Chaos Wastes
Subzone The Bastion Stair

(Path of Fury)

PC Reactions

Order Hostile
Destruction Hostile

In the Path of Fury there is a PQ stage 2 boss ending with "The Mountain". He is a melee heavy type of mob. He doesn't throw around magic. But he has a buff that reduces damage taken by 99% (seems to apply melee only, magic and melee morale abilities like raze seems to do full damage). He also seems to increase the damage, the longer the battle goes on (he started with a low 400 damage per hit in the beginning, increasing it over time. At the end he did over 5.500 per hit to me (swordmaster with AF buff up) and hit our healer for 12.000 damage per hit, making him slightly hard for one group).

The Encounter Edit

Garithex "The Mountain" starts out patrolling in the back end of his room. Before you start the encounter, notice the three tables in the room. One on each side of the room and one in the back. On the table are pieces of armor. The trick to this boss is to destroy his armor and each piece destroyed increases your damage done to him. Once all the armor is destroyed, he will then become susceptible to damage. Unfortunately, taking out all his armor makes this boss angry and in 5 seconds, will enrage himself and REGAIN ALL HIS ARMOR BACK. Each time he gets his armor back, his damage also increases. So, after four or five enrages, he can one shot your tank.

So, if your team has a banner carrier, have him/her place it down before the encounter starts. Have your tank take aggro and drag him near the banner, and have 2 (or 1 if you don't have any more) melee dps find the armor on the left AND right side of the room and destroy it. Note that as of this writing, there is a bug where it appears that you can't attack the armor. Well, you can. Ranged DPS unfortunately can't attack them hence why I suggested to do melee DPS. Throughout this entire time, all the heals should be on the tank since the boss hits for a lot of damage. Please be aware that you should NOT destroy all the armor! Leave one armor (the helm found in the back) to prevent him from enraging. When all 4 pieces of armor are destroyed, have everyone MELEE attack him. His damage also seem to lessen that healers can just drop HoTs on the tank and also do melee damage. The banner will help on the AP regen for all the melee DPS. Bringing him down to 0% can be done easily from there.

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