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Ganking is a term used to describe provoking a battle which the instigator will certainly win. This can refer to situations in which a single player attacks another single player who is otherwise occupied or badly wounded, situations in which the target of the attack is drastically lower in level, or situations in which the instigators of the attack are much greater in number than the unsuspecting targets. The term is generally accepted to have a negative connotation, because most consider it dishonorable to attack an enemy with no chance of defending themselves.

Ganking in Warhammer OnlineEdit

In Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, players who are in higher level brackets (called Tier), who go into lower Tier Realm Versus Realm areas or begin a fight with players in lower Tiers are turned into chickens. These chickens are unable to use any of their normal abilities, and all of their statistics are reduced to 10% of their normal values.

In RvR servers, the "turn to chicken" level is raised by 10 Ranks, so a player must be a full tier or more below your rank in order to not be considered fair game. For Example: Players above rank 11 cannot go back into Tier 1 but in an RvR server, this limitation is not imposed until rank 21.


While ganking has a distinctly negative connotation, most players can accept both that it is an unfair and impolite variety of PvP interaction, and that there are situations in which it is a strategically valuable or necessary behavior. Most controversy involves people who believe only one of these things explaining to people who believe only the other, that they are brainless. It is sometimes considered a type of Grief Play.

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