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Patch Notes 1.4.3Edit


The Empire is about to enter into a state of celebration, as it honors its first Emperor and man-turned-God, Sigmar. Sigmartide is a new, two-week long, Live Event, tasking players of Order to seek out corruption, cleanse the wicked, and to honor age-old bonds with the Dwarfs; while players of Destruction are tasked with sowing the seeds of Chaos, desecrating celebration altars, and making a mockery of Sigmar's friendship with the Dwarfs. Whichever Realm you serve, this bound to be a season not soon forgotten!

RVR Accessory SetsEdit

As an extension to the work we've been doing recently for items and gear balance, we've introduced a group of RvR accessory sets. Designed to fit in nicely with the high-end armor sets, these new sets can be purchased for RvR Currency from the Commodities Quartermasters in the Capital Cities. These items are temporary and last for 9 days.

Name ChangesEdit

Tired of your name? Want to change it up some? Based on feedback, we've added the ability to buy Name Change Token codes from the EA Store. You can purchase a code on the EA Store, or Origin as it's now known, and redeem it on the account that has the character you want to rename. Then just go into game, choose the new 'change name' button on that character from character select. Enter a valid name (subject to standard naming policies and conventions) and voila! You're a brand new you!

Scenario Shakeup Edit

The battle has shifted! With the advent of 1.4.3, the lineup of the Scenarios has once again shifted. A number of old scenarios are making their return, some are retiring for the moment, and others are shifting tiers. The line-up is based on player feedback from our Dev Discussions in the forums, so be sure to vote for the next batch of scenarios! For a full list of the new line-up, see the RVR section.

Realm versus Realm Edit

General ChangesEdit

* Player controlled Skaven Gutter Runners are no longer able to use Sabotage on Ram's or OilEdit

Scenarios Edit

The line-up of scenarios that are permanently available has changed. The new list is as follows:

Tier 1:* Nordenwatch* Gates of Ekrund* Khaine's Embrace

Tier 2:* Nordenwatch* Mourkain Temple* Phoenix Gate

Tier 3:* Nordenwatch* Mourkain Temple* Tor Arnoc* Phoenix Gate

Tier 4:* Nordenwatch* Mourkain Temple* Phoenix Gate* Serpent's Passage* Battle for Praag* Reikland Factory

Combat and Careers Edit

General Changes & Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed an issue with vanity pet tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue with Planted Standard tooltip.
  • Ignited Warp-Energy will no longer trigger Guard.
  • =====Black orc=====
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Not in da face!: Fixed an issue that allowed the cooldown modification portion of the ability to affect abilities that should not be modified.
  • =====Engineer=====
  • Changes:
  • Rune of Forging: This tactic has been removed.
  • Fightin' Chance: This tactic is available at rank 33. The tactic increases Strength, Ballistic Skill, and Weapon Skill; while reducing Toughness.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Removed the tactic Steady Hand.
  • Added tactic named Extra Ammo. The tactic will restore Action Points in a radius around a summoned Turret and is available 3 points into the Tinkerer path.
  • Well-Oiled Machine is now available as a Core tactic at Rank 31.

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