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User Interface Edit

Public Quest Loot Roll Opt-Out Edit

Players now have the option to opt-out of the loot roll at any Public Quest. Opting-out will not affect your contribution, but will bypass your character when rolling for loot, allowing others to get a chance at the loot. The following rules apply:

  • Opting-out at a Keep Public Quest will not impact the distribution of RVR tokens, so players who opt-out and contribute will still receive an RVR token.
  • Players must opt-out before the Public Quest is over in order to be properly excluded from the loot roll. A player can choose to opt-out or opt back in at any time during a Public Quest, as long as they have done so before the Public Quest has concluded.
  • The default option for any Public Quest is to be opted-in for the loot roll.
  • Please note that your current opt-out setting will persist if you participate in the Public Quest multiple times and have not left the area.

Action Bar Improvements Edit

Action Bars: The action bar system has been overhauled to allow greater flexibility and customization! These changes include the following:

  • Characters will now be able to have up to five action bars on the screen.
  • The orientation of each of the action bars can now be set individually to vertical or horizontal.
  • The amount of buttons can be set individually for each action bar.
  • Each action bar can be adjusted to allow the buttons to span a user-set amount of rows.
  • The way the action bar and buttons display can now be modified in the following ways: the bar background or frame can be hidden, empty buttons can be hidden, or both can be hidden.

Auto Roll Tab Edit

There is now an Auto Roll tab on the Open Parties and Warbands window that will allow players to set their preferences on loot. The system will automatically roll for items based on your settings and items done in that fashion will not even appear in the loot roll window, making loot rolling much easier. Settings can be copied easily across the rarity levels as needed to save time when setting preferences; right clicking on a preference will give you the option to 'copy left' and/or 'copy right' as applicable. The following rules apply:

  • There are options for the following item categories: Usable Equipment, Unusable Equipment, Crafting Items, Currency, Potions, and Talismans.
  • In

Name Colorization Changes Edit

A number of issues with the re-colorization of overhead names have been fixed. The following changes have been made to the priority of colorization with regard to overhead names:

  • Players in your party will show as green, and players in your warband will show as a light olive.
  • RVR-flagged players in both groups will show as more saturated versions of those colors.
  • Yellow names will be used only for RVR-flagged players who are neither in your party nor your warband.
  • Guild and alliance colors will be a blue and a green-blue, respectively, and only show in the guild and title section of the overhead name.

Other UI Improvements and Bug Fixes Edit

  • The ability to track waypoints on the main map has been expanded to allow markers for up to forty quests simultaneously, as applicable. This brings the ability to display markers in-line with the increased quest capability added recently.
  • When players get a respawn window, the timer will now be presented in minutes and seconds rather than just seconds.
  • Added a new overhead name font "Simple" that is less stylized and easier to read than the default font. This new option is off by default, but accessible through the User Settings menu under the Targeting tab.
  • Players who have won loot from a Public Quest, but were unable to claim it for one reason or another, will now have that loot mailed to them 24 hours later. The unclaimed loot will appear in the player's mailbox after the 24 hour period with the Public Quest listed as the sender for easy identification.
  • Players will now be able to see Public Quest Trackers while in firing mode for Siege Weapons.
  • Key bindings will now be saved in the Profile system, allowing each character to have their own personalized key bindings based on their profile.
  • Repeatable quests are now identified by a unique icon over both the NPC's head and on the mini-map. This will allow players to distinguish repeatable quest NPCs from regular quest NPCs at a glance.
  • Added a "Static Tooltips" option to the User Settings. This will set all on-screen tooltips at the "Mouse-Over Target Frame" location that is customizable in the layout editor. One exception is item tooltips, which will always appear next to the item and ability tooltips that have their own static option in User Settings.
  • Monsters in the world that require players to have specific Wards in order to fight them effectively will now display this on their target window when targeted. Clicking on the Ward displayed will take the player to the appropriate page describing the Ward and what the player can do to obtain their own Ward.
  • A new section has been added to the Tome of Knowledge to display the new Ward system that provides player's with Wards. Please see the Ward section of these patch notes for further information on how Wards work.
  • Players who have previously completed a task for a Ward fragment will receive the unlock for the fragment when they first log in their character after this patch. Please see the Ward section of these patch notes for further information on how Wards work.
  • The Librarians used to obtain or purchase rewards from the Tome of Knowledge have been revamped. Their titles have been rewritten to assist players in telling them apart from other Library NPCs more easily, and their merchant interfaces have been streamlined to make them easier to navigate and understand.
  • Tactics available from the Tome Tactic Librarian will no longer show as available if the unlock has not been accomplished. This fixes an issue where the item would show as trainable, but fail if the unlock was not actually completed.
  • Players logging out in most instances will be able to log back into the instance at the spot they left if they return within five minutes. This includes Scenarios and dungeons.
  • Resolved an issue where changes made to the layout of the action bar cluster, including the Morale and Tactics editor, were resetting to default after zoning and/or logging out.
  • Resolved a problem with Buff icons where the icons on a player, but not the buffs themselves, would transfer to another party member when that player left the party.
  • Resizing the casting bar will no longer cause the name of the last ability cast to appear on the screen until another ability is cast.
  • Changing resolutions after casting an ability with a cast time will no longer result in the casting bar becoming stuck as visible on the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where changing resolutions would move the chat cursor out of the text entry box and up into the chat window.
  • Changes made to the Chat filters will now persist after logging out.
  • Item deletion confirmation windows will no longer stick on the UI if the player right clicks on the screen while the dialog window is up.
  • It is now no longer possible to bring up multiple item-deletion dialog windows.
  • Fixed an issue where the Collector's Edition Head would be stuck in the Dye Window interface permanently if the player closed the dye window with the Collector's Edition Head displayed and did not hit accept or remove it.
  • The guild reward for Rank 29 now correctly refers to the proper merchant as the Guild Merchant. This fixes an issue in which the reward description would refer to the Flight Master rather than the Quartermaster.
  • The context menu for assigning a guild recruiter will now appear disabled if the maximum number of recruiters has been assigned.
  • Players will now once again be able to have a tithe rate without also setting a tax rate. This fixes an issue where tithes were not being collected if the guild tax rate was set to zero.
  • Fixed a number of typos in the Key Binding window.
  • Resolved an issue where the bindable mouse keys were appearing off by one number.
  • If a player's last name is cleared, this option will save across logins.
  • Fixed an issue where text was cutoff in the Name Registrar's dialog window. All references to this merchant have been changed to Name Registrar for consistency.
  • The Name Registrar will now appear properly in the mini-map with the correct icon.
  • Resolved an issue where the loot window would pop up again for some members of the group after all players had passed.
  • Long macros will no longer be truncated after relogging.
  • Available coin text will no longer overlap the amount of coin that the player has.
  • Fixed an issue where changing resolutions would occasionally cause the open party alert message to stick on the UI.
  • A monster's size will no longer affect its overhead name.
  • Guild titles will appear on Keep Guards properly, even when they're not targeted.
  • The player's overhead text will appear immediately after respawning.
  • The right-click context menu option to make someone else a group leader will now work properly in all cases.
  • The Interface tab will no longer incorrectly be shown as available when accessing the settings from the character select/creation screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Public Quest Tracker would sometimes persist when zoning into a Scenario.
  • The quest tracker on the main map now shows the icon type of the quest instead of the generic quest status icon.
  • Pending quests will now always be displayed with the gray status icon instead of a yellow icon. This will make them easier to differentiate from the orange quest complete icon.
  • The quest tracker for the contested city Public Quests will now update the counters properly when a player is within a sub-boss Public Quest. This fixes an issue where the counters for the sub-boss Public Quest and the main city Public Quest were occasionally being confused in the contested city Public Quest tracker.
  • Fixed an issue where the completion information did not persist when moving between zones in a Public Quest that spanned multiple zones. This fixes a bug where the loot roll and standings information would clear when zoning while in a Public Quest area of this type.
  • Fixed a bug where a player's career wasn't showing on the friends and ignore lists in the Social window.
  • The Tactic slots will no longer reset to default if they are resized and a player zones.
  • A number of rewards that were not previously available at the merchants have been fixed so they can now be obtained if a player has the appropriate unlock. This includes Pocket items for the career-specific tasks in the bestiary for the most recent career additions: Black Guard, Choppa, Knight of the Blazing Sun, and Slayer.
  • We have made a number of fixes to Titles to ensure that players that have completed the proper unlock will now have the appropriate Title. This includes a few involved with the new career bestiary tasks and a number of other miscellaneous Titles. These changes also include adding additional Titles to existing achievements for crafting that previously would be reported as "???" in the ToK's Rewards section. Check out your Titles section to see any new additions and display your accomplishments proudly!
  • A number of minor spelling and grammatical bugs have been fixed in the following sections: Bestiary, History and Lore, Noteworthy Persons, and War Journal.
  • Fixed a number of entries in the Dark Elf and High Elf ToK sections to ensure that the proper Noteworthy Persons unlocks were displaying.
  • Additional Old World Armory entries have been added for items there were introduced in a previous patch. These items include the Devastator's Helm, Keeper's Gloves, and the Redeye Helm. Players who have these items currently will need to equip each item once to receive the unlock.
  • You can now use "/who [location]" to find players in a particular zone. For example: "/who Bloodhorn" will display players who are in Mount Bloodhorn.

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