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Crafting Edit

Crafting Inventory Improvements Edit

Crafters will now be able to acquire additional backpacks for their inventory by increasing their skill in a tradeskill. These additional backpacks will only allow crafting ingredients to be placed in them, and when the crafting bag is full, any new crafting items obtained will automatically be placed in the player's normal inventory. Players will receive new backpacks upon completion of the following achievements:

  • First backpack earned by training a tradeskill or gathering skill.
  • Bonus backpacks are unlocked by achieving 100 and 200 skill in a gathering skill.
  • Bonus backpacks are unlocked by achieving 100 and 200 skill in a tradeskill.

General Edit

  • The client now handles right-clicking to auto-slot crafting ingredients much better.
  • Corrected an issue where Cultivation Skill 200 additives were missing from the merchant stores.

Apothecary Edit

  • Hybrid Plants now have a higher instability.

Butchering Edit

  • Main Ingredients from butchering will now convert to two main ingredients of the next lower skill tier.
  • Ember Drakes will now yield the correct loot when butchered.
  • The following creatures can now be butchered:
    • Burning Queens
    • Burntrock Spinners
    • Burntrock Weavers
    • Razormaw Mangler
    • Reikland Blackpaws
    • Sharpmaw Mauler

Cultivation Edit

  • Savage Marshroot can once again be used as a stimulant.

Salvaging Edit

  • All +1 Potency tier or Crit fragments have been made obsolete and will convert into two normal Potency fragments.
  • A "better" critical salvage will now result in two fragments rather than a +1 Potency fragment.
  • Eight new fragment types have been introduced. Players can now salvage +crit% and +damage fragments from higher level equipment.
  • Salvaging Boxes (ruined equipment, sundered equipment and shattered equipment) are now Salvaging Figurines to reduce confusion with Broken Items.
  • Figurines with eight new types have been introduced as Public Quest rewards. To clear up any confusion, some figurines have been renamed:
    • There are three "Broken" figurines that yield no fragments: Shattered, Ruined, and Sundered.
    • There are five "Stone" figurines that yield normal stats: Clay, Soapstone, Alabaster, Marble, and Primal.
    • There are three "Wood" figurines that yield auxiliary stats: Balsam, Ashwood, and Oaken.
  • Corrected a tooltip typo for Chattering Essence.
  • Salvaging skill level requirements have been removed from figurines.
  • The following items can now be salvaged:
    • Crystallized War Shroud
    • Devastator Helms

Scavenging Edit

  • Loot Tables for scavenging have been given a significant clean up. Players will now receive a concentrated loot table. Armor, Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, and Ballistic Skill fragments of all rarities will drop in addition to Curios and Gold Dust.
  • Talisman Boxes have been removed from scavenging loot tables.
  • The following humanoids can now be scavenged:
    • Ashreaver Sword Gnoblar
    • Dawnbreak Caster

Talisman Making Edit

  • Items can now have more than one talisman slot.
  • Multiple-slot items will only allow one talisman from a given family to be slotted.
  • The Potency data tables have been reallocated to heavily favor the fragment.
  • We've compressed the number of ingredient Potency levels to 9 from 10. All additives have been compressed to a single rarity. Existing items of higher than common rarity will be grandfathered in.
  • Fragments can now be broken down into a fragment of the next lower skill level tier.
  • An "awesome" result attained while fusing a very rare talisman will no longer consume the fragment.
  • There have been significant tooltip updates that will better convey vital information.
  • Due to balancing issues, some talismans will be restricted to designated equipment slots. This change will not affect existing talismans.
  • Character level requirements have been added to talismans to provide accurate power estimates for varying player levels. This change will not affect existing talismans.
  • Normal stat talisman powers have been boosted to reflect changes in scope. Very Rare talismans will now stop at +24 on a top tier "better" critical, +20 for Rares, +16 for Uncommons, and +12 for Commons. Ex. A previously Very Rare talisman at +20 will now be a +24.
  • Normal talismans will no longer utilize timers.
  • Talisman boxes can now be purchased from the talisman vendor: however, the Arcane Vessel of Transmutation remains a Public Quest reward.

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