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User Interface Edit

General Changes & Bug Fixes Edit

  • "Sticky Targeting": This option has been added in the General Tab of the options panel. When enabled, clicking on an empty area of the screen will no longer deselect your target. Only pressing ESC or having your target go out of visible range will clear your current target.
  • Players may no longer send mail COD without items attached.
  • Fixed an issue where players could enter "Ram Aim Mode" before a Ram was fully constructed.
  • The game window title bar and pre-game screens now contains the client version and build number.
  • Removed an obsolete default keybinding.
  • Fixed an issue where the "/reloadui" command could cause the WAR Report teleport cooldown to incorrectly display.
  • Fixed an issue where City Public Quest timers would display inaccurately.
  • Players may now bind the WAR Report to a key. By default this keybinding is not set.
  • Players in aim mode on siege weapons will now be shown a loot roll window if they win loot. In order to roll on the items the player will need to exit aim mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Land of the Dead resource tracker would not properly save its display settings.
  • Fixed an issue where current health of yourself or a target would not properly display.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be unable to buy back items sold to NPC vendors.
  • Players can now join an Open Party by right clicking on chat text from a player in an Open Party, right clicking a player in an Open Party, or when right clicking a player's name in the guild or alliance window that is currently in an Open Party and choosing the Join Party option.
  • Players affected by the "Coward!" debuff may no longer bolster other players.
  • Fixed an issue with the Edge Tracking system not functioning properly in the Twisting Tower scenario.
  • Fixed the spelling of Salvageable in tooltip descriptions.

Mod Support Edit

  • The "/assist" command is no longer accessible by 3rd Party Add-ons.

Guild & Alliance Edit

  • Players attempting to purchase a Guild Tactic or Heraldry respec without the needed funds will now receive an error message advising them such.
  • The total number of alliance members online and offline has been re-added to the Alliance tab.
  • Fixed an issue where guilds forming an Alliance would not immediately receive the online/offline player counts for the Alliance once formed.
  • The Play Style and Atmosphere information on the guild search window now function properly.

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