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Items Edit

General Changes and Bug Fixes Edit

  • The way that abilities/procs behave when applied to items has changed. These abilities will now scale based on the item level of the item or set instead of the level of the player. An issue was also fixed that caused many tooltips to display incorrect values. As a result, many of the procs in the game could have different values on them.
  • All Sovereign Shoulder Armor pieces are now able to be salvaged.
  • The Crook of Radiance and Neferra's Plagues: The effect durations of these items have been reduced from 15 seconds to 7.
  • Hierophant's Grace: This proc buff will now hasten casting speed by 25%.
  • "Pale Falx of Neferata," "Pale Scimitar of Neferata" and "Pale Talwar of Neferata": These items will no longer stack in the player inventory. Existing items that have already been stacked will not be affected and will remain stacked.
  • Warpscout Deathgirdle: This item is no longer salvageable.
  • Inventory items with useable channel abilities will now properly show the channel casting bar and are able to be interrupted under the same circumstances that player channeled abilities are.
  • Fixed an issue where items with limited charges would not properly display the number of charges remaining.
  • Stacked item quantities will now properly display when a player wins a stack of items from a loot roll.
  • Live Event rewards will now properly display their quantity when awarded in multiples.
  • Fixed an issue where Talismans with a decay timer would not properly display their remaining time.
  • Fixed an issue where Live Event rewards would not properly go into the overflow inventory when the player's inventory was full.
  • Salvaging an item will now display the name of the item being salvaged as well as always showing salvaging choices even if only one choice exists.
  • Moving will now interrupt salvaging. In addition, there is now a cancel button when salvaging an item that can be used to cancel a salvage attempt.

Item Stat Changes Edit

  • Tome of the Fallen Explorer: Fixed a bug where this item had improper stats.

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