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Content Edit

General Edit

  • Arnholdt's Company Warcamp: Fixed a typo in Reginald Vance's idle dialogue.
  • Basilisks now appropriately unlock only the Basilisk entry when killed.
  • Necropolis of Zandri: Talisman Merchant titles have been updated to better represent the potency of offered goods.
  • Necropolis of Zandri: Players may no longer be summoned to this zone.
  • Necropolis of Zandri: Players must now be Rank 32 or above to travel to this zone.
  • Greenskin Chapter 8: Corrected an issue where the map point of this Chapter Hub was incorrectly named and appeared in the wrong location on the map.

Dungeons Edit

  • Tomb of the Vulture Lord: Players may now enter this dungeon by interacting with a Window of Perpetuity within the Temple of Ualatp PQ. A Window of Perpetuity is only available to those who have previously entered the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

Quests Edit

  • Gyrocopter Down: If a player declines or abandons the second part of this quest, they can now re-obtain it by interacting with the Downed Gyrocopter again.
  • Key to the Casket: Player participation in the Forbidden Vaults PQ will now grant credit for both conditions of part one of this quest.
  • Rallying Cry: The Horn of Linaerion will once again rally the appropriate troops to complete this quest.
  • Stout and Bitter: Stemni Bitterstone now correctly returns to the depot, allowing players to finish the final step of this quest. Additionally, several steps of this quest were adjusted so NPCs needing to be spoken with now show the quest complete icon above their heads.
  • Will of the Warboss: Floating Boom Powder barrels for this quest have been grounded.
  • Stunties is fer Stuffin': Players may now only carry one Unconscious Beardling at a time to complete this quest.
  • Four Tombs for Four Pillars: Raven's Wing's appearance has been changed to more closely match his description.
  • Tchar'zanek: All players present within Tchar'zanek's hatelist at the time of defeat will now receive quest credit.

Public Quests Edit

  • The Towers of Lysean: The War Hydras will no longer regenerate health during Stage III of this Public Quest.
  • Tor Achare: Hunter Guards found within this Public Quest will no longer speak while dead.
  • Stone of Imrathir: All Rubrics in Stage II of this Public Quest are now able to be shut off.
  • Foul Ruins: Garith the Fleshrender's damage has been adjusted to be more in-line with his level.
  • Sedjhet Temple: The Sedjhet Twisters and Spewers found within this Public Quest will no longer path over and through the ruins surrounding the temple.
  • Nikosi Temple: The Nikosi Coilers and Spitters found within this Public Quest will no longer path over and through the ruins surrounding the temple.
  • The Quay of Seftu: Gahije the Invincible has been adjusted so that he no longer paths through the quay.
  • Pit of Kem Senef: The Pit Dermestids found within this Public Quest will now fly up to engage in combat with those attacking from above.
  • Battle at Blood Fen: Dorin Redhammer can no longer be killed by guards.
  • Ossuary of the Anointed: Players will no longer fall out of the embalming chambers when High Priest Herak sends them for embalming.
  • Ossuary of the Anointed: Pressure plates will now correctly free players who have been sent to an embalming chamber for the first time.
  • Sepulcher of Eternity: Bosses no longer become unattackable when a party wipes.
  • Sepulcher of Eternity: Guards will no longer randomly spawn inside walls.

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