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User InterfaceEdit

General Changes & Bug FixesEdit

  • Pressing the ESC key will no longer close an active loot roll window
  • The system channels can now be enabled or disabled on all chat tabs instead of being forced on in the Chat tab and forced off on all other tabs
  • The tooltip for items which are currently being worn now displays with a different background color and border than tooltips for items the player isn't wearing so it's more apparent which item is which when comparing two items
  • Weapon tooltips are now clearer about which hand they can be held in. One-handed weapons which can only be held in the Right Hand now display as "Main Hand", matching the slot location name. One-handed weapons which can only be held in the Left Hand now display as "Off Hand", matching the slot location name. Two-handed weapons are now displayed as "Both Hands", and one-handed weapons which can be held in either hand will be displayed as "Main Hand or Off Hand".
  • Two-handed weapons have had their item type on tooltips simplified. For example, instead of Great Swords displaying "Sword, Great Weapon", they will now simply display "Great Sword". Staves will continue to be simply referred to as "Staff".
  • With the other changes to item tooltips, the "Skill:" line in the tooltip for worn items is no longer necessary. Instead, the item type will be colored red on worn items if a player doesn't have the appropriate skill to equip the item. If the player can equip the item in their Main Hand but doesn't have the appropriate skill to equip the item in the Off Hand slot, the "or Off Hand" portion of the text in the tooltip will appear red to indicate this.
  • Items will now display their item level in the tooltip information.
  • Quest and Event items with decay timers will no longer show running timers before the player has claimed the reward.
  • Players can now bind a key that, when pressed, loots the nearest lootable monster, player or object. Using this key will bring up the loot dialogue for the nearest lootable monster, player or object in range that the player can loot, as if they had right-clicked on it. This "Loot Nearest" keybinding can be found under the Targeting section of Key Mapping.
  • Auction Mail is now deleted automatically when attachments are claimed.
  • Chapter Hub and Warcamp tooltips now display if they contain these services: Apprentice Career Trainer, Apprentice Renown Trainer, Craft Supply Merchant, Recruit's Medallion Merchant, Recruit's Emblem Merchant.
  • The Tutorial & Help Tips section of the User Settings window now has tooltip descriptions.
  • The position of the Skirmish and PvE listings on the RvR tracker tooltip will no longer switch sporadically.
  • Fixed an issue where binding Left and Right Ctrl, Alt or Shift would cause either the left or right binding to not function when pressed.
  • Fixed an issue where players who had 17 items in their Quest Items inventory and removed one caused the Quest Items inventory UI to become corrupt.
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game map would occasionally show a solid white texture piece instead of the appropriate map texture.
  • When Post Processing is enabled, character names will no longer disappear at character select after logging out of the game.
  • The results of /who searches and rest XP generation being activated or deactivated will now print to the System General channel.
  • The Dungeon Lockout tab has been renamed to simply Lockouts.

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