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Items Edit

Open RvR Currency Changes Edit

With 1.3.5, players will notice that each of their Open RvR Crests have been renamed to "Ancient" Crests. These items are not the required currency to purchase set items, but will instead convert into 5 of their respective crests (e.g. Ancient Conqueror's Crest converts to 5 Conqueror's Crest). With this change, the price of armor on the Medallion merchants has been adjusted accordingly.

Crests now convert downwards on a 1:1 scale (e.g. 1 Invader's Crest converts to 1 Conqueror's Crest, which converts to 1 Officer's Medallion). Additionally, all Fused Crests will now convert into 10 Crests. You will also notice that anywhere you were previously awarded a Crest, you are now awarded a stack of 5 Crests.

New to the Open RvR Stores Edit

New unique Talismans are now available from each of the 4 Medallion Quartermasters! These Talismans of Aptitude and Celerity can be purchased with tier-appropriate medallions, and last a certain number of played hours based upon their quality. In addition to these temporary talismans, there are also temporary accessories. These accessories can be purchased using Invader, Warlord and Royal crests and last 14 real time days. There is also a new, exciting mount that can be found on the Mount merchant in the Cities. This mount is exotic and temporary, imported straight from Tomb Kings. As such, you will only be able to purchase this mount if your realm owns Land of the Dead. This exotic steed can be purchased using Invader Crests and will last 30 real time days.

New to the Open RvR and the Scenario Stores Edit

Scouring Agents and Bleaching Agents may now be purchased from the Open RvR and Scenario stores, respectively, and cost either Officer's Medallions or Officer's Emblems. They can be used to remove dye from a piece of armor.

General Changes and Bug Fixes Edit

  • Alchemist Tonic: Fixed an issue with the tooltip of this potion.
  • Evasive: Fixed an issue in which the detaunt granted by this ability could stack with the ability "Guard".
  • Firebrew: Fixed an issue in which the granted ability of this potion, "Breath of Fire", was gaining benefit from the caster's statistics and could deal critical damage.
  • Fixed a tooltip issue with the Shadow Warrior's Sovereign Armor.
  • The bonus to "Radiant Gaze" granted by the Archmage's Tracker set will now apply to the damage of the ability.
  • All Currency items that could previously stack up to 999 can now stack to 9999. As a part of this change, "Fused Golden Scarabs," "Cluster of Golden Scarabs," and "Torn Page of Liber Mortis" can now be placed in your currency backpack.
  • Armor items found within White, Green, Blue and Purple Chapter PQ bags are no longer career specific. Additionally, both armor and weapon items are now Bind On Equip.
  • Armor items that drop from world monsters are no longer career specific.
  • Broken items which are Bind On Pickup will now display that information in their tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue that caused all Vitalize item proc tooltips to show incorrect chance to proc and incorrect value.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Shadow Warriors to see 2 bows as their Advanced Rewards for Empire Chapter 4 Influence. There will now be a choice between a sword and a bow.
  • Fixed an issue where Entangled Medallions showed the incorrect number of medallions it would convert to in its description text.
  • Items of particular interest will now display item level in their tooltip.
  • Magus mounts have been edited to have the correct spelling in the item name.
  • Scenario Currency - You may now purchase Satchels of Emblems with higher-tier Emblems in order to down-convert. These new items can be found on each respective Emblem Quartermaster.
  • Set Bonus - All Careers: 8 piece Sovereign bonus granted abilities will now display the correct tooltips and buff icons.
  • Set Bonus - All Careers: 8 piece Sovereign bonus granted ability will no longer fade after death, requiring you to reapply a piece of armor to gain it back.
  • Set Bonus - Blackguard: 8 piece Sovereign bonus will now properly grant the player Unnerving Hate.
  • Set Bonus - Bright Wizard: 7 piece Warlord bonus will now work as intended and the tooltip will display the correct AP value.
  • Set Bonus - Knight of the Blazing Sun: 8 piece Sovereign bonus will now properly grant the player Slowing Radiance.
  • Set Bonus - Pilfer: 6 piece Sentinel and Sovereign proc "Pilfer" has been adjusted to do the intended amount of damage.
  • "Silverwind Family Crest": This item can no longer be converted into anything.
  • The Healing Elixir and the Phial of Adrenaline found on the Officer's Medallion Quartermaster have now been properly named "Officer's ..."
  • The movement speed proc effect from a number of Land of the Dead talismans will now be immediately dispelled if you activate an ability. The following talismans have been affected: "Fractured Crystal of Quickening", "Crystal of Quickening", "Fractured Crystal of Haste", "Crystal of Haste", "Fractured Crystal of Alacrity", "Crystal of Alacrity", "Fractured Crystal of Sandstorms", "Crystal of Sandstorms", "Odjira", "Ur Odjira".
  • Weapons that are 2H as well as having a slot type of EITHER have been fixed so they can only be worn in the right hand.
  • The 3rd, 4th and 5th backpack pouches are now purchasable any time starting at rank 1 rather than having to wait for every 10 ranks! To purchase a pouch, simply click on the lock icon which appears within the inventory space. Pouch 3 costs 1 gold, Pouch 4 costs 5 gold, and Pouch 5 costs 15 gold. Additionally, players who have already unlocked these backpack pouches will not have to purchase those pouches again in order to unlock them. Additional inventory space cannot be purchased by Trial users.
  • Additional bank vault space has been added! Two full tabs worth of space have been added, and may be purchased one row at a time for a total of 160 additional bank inventory slots. See any Banker in order to take advantage of this additional inventory space! To purchase more vault space and click on the lock icon which appears within each row of the bank space on bank vault tabs 2 or 3. The first row costs 6 gold and the cost of each additional row increases as follows: 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18, 22, 26, 31, 37, 44, 53, 63, 75, 90, 108, 129, 154 and 185 gold. Additional inventory space cannot be purchased by Trial users.
  • Items in the loot roll window will now display their quantity.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the "Glyph of Sokth: Tabia" for Witch Elves to be missing a stat.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain pocket items to overwite player's character appearance.
  • All mounts will now display their power on the tooltip of the item.

Item Stat Changes Edit

  • "Ghrond's Greatcloak": This item will now display its secondary stat correctly.
  • "Notched Tome of Triumph": This item will now correctly regenerate Righteous Fury.
  • "Sigmarite Tome of Thunder": This has had its resistance stats and the "Barrier" ability proc removed to be in line with other charms in the game.
  • "Vanguard Trollsplitter": This item now has appropriate DPS for its level.

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