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General Changes & Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed numerous tooltip issues with Renown awarded abilities.
  • Fixed an issue in which players could sometimes still repair Siege equipment which was affected by "anti-repair" debuffs.
  • Enhance War Engine: Fixed an issue in which players would receive an "Out of Range" message in error.
  • Shield the Skies: Fixed an issue in which this ability would affect players outside of the caster's group.
  • Slam: Fixed an issue in with the tooltip of this ability.
  • Dead monsters with loot on them have had their decay time increased to 15 minutes inside of dungeon instances.
  • Changing your worn equipment will no longer cause the transparency effect to be removed when the camera is zoomed in so close that the player becomes transparent.
  • Players who have been turned into chickens can no longer bolster other players.
  • Players in the process of logging out that take a flight master will no longer lose control of the mouse when returning to character select.
  • Players taking a screenshot while placing a ground target area of effect (GTAOE) targeting cursor will no longer have the GTAOE targeting cursor become stuck on the screen.
  • In contested cities buildings in the distance will no longer fade out of view at a closer range than intended.
  • Cloak and helm display settings will now be maintained when zoning into a region with a moderate to heavy amount of players.
  • Guild Heraldry may now be reset at a cost of 100 gold by clicking the "Reset Heraldry" button at the bottom right of the Guild Rewards tab. This will clear the current heraldry so that a new one can be chosen from the Heraldry Reservation option on the Guild Rewards tab at Guild Rank 10.
  • Guild Tactics may now be reset at a cost of 10 gold by clicking Show Tactics on the Guild Rewards page and then the "Respecialize" button on the Guild Tactics List.
  • Fixed an issue with campaign persistence after a server restart.
  • Fixed an issue where the Quitter debuff would not persist when changing zones.
  • Fixed an issue in Scenarios and Contested Cities where you sometimes would be unable to use friendly abilities on friendly players.
  • Map Pips in Scenarios and Contested Cities for friendly players will now be seen everywhere on the map and not just for those friendly players near your character.

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