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Highlights Edit

City RvR ImprovementsEdit

The city RvR experience has been greatly enhanced to create a much more satisfying RvR endgame. Please see the "City Campaign Changes" section of the Patch notes for the full details.

Item ImprovementsEdit

Career restrictions on many equipment drops have been eliminated (i.e. if a heavy armor piece drops and you can wear heavy armor, then you can use it.) The look of dyed items has also been greatly improved.

Mini-Map Edge TrackerEdit

Edge Tracker - To help navigate around the world we've added a new Edge Tracker to the mini-map. When your party members are out of range, their mini-map icons will stick to the edge of the mini-map to indicate which direction they are in. Scenarios, Open RvR and Contested Cities objectives keeps and important monsters will be represented by icons on the edge of the mini-map as well. Mousing over any of these tooltips while they're on the edge of the mini-map will also display the approximate range to the edge point. You can also filter what items are tracked by bringing down the Map Filters option box and unselecting the items you don't wish edge tracked. Part of the Edge Tracker is a new border around the mini-map when you are tracking anything, if you wish to use the Edge Tracker with the old mini-map border check the "Old Minimap Border" option on the General tab in User Settings.

Combat HighlightingEdit

To provide better feedback during combat in the playable game space we've added a new method of lighting characters when they are healed or damaged. At its default settings whenever your own player takes damage they will flash red briefly, a critical hit will flash a stronger red. Receive a heal from someone and your character will flash green briefly. Likewise any targets you damage or heal will flash in a similar manner. This feature can be enabled just on yourself, others or turned off completely in User Settings on the General Tab.

Inventory Space ChangesEdit

To help players carry around their belongings, we've changed how inventory space is acquired as well as added new vault space to fill up! Backpack pouches can now be purchased at any time instead of waiting for them to be unlocked every 10 ranks. Additionally, we've added two more tabs of vault space, which can be purchased 1 row at a time for a total of an additional 160 vault inventory spaces. Guild vaults have also been expanded with another tab, which is purchasable 1 row at a time for a total of an additional 60 guild vault inventory spaces. See below for more details!

AFK ChangesEdit

To combat AFK players in scenarios and contested cities we've made some adjustments to how AFK is handled in these areas. Now in addition to the existing Idle Hands system if a player anywhere inside of a scenario or contested city idles for more than 2 minutes they will be flagged as AFK and given the Idle Hands debuff. Once flagged AFK and given Idle Hands the player will no longer receive rewards and after 60 seconds if the player does not return from AFK they will be removed from the scenario or contested city.

Land of the Dead - Tomb of the Vulture Lord ChangesEdit

The Land of the Dead, specifically the encounters leading into and inside of the Tomb of the Vulture Lord have received some attention with this patch. To start with, the purge mechanic for the Tomb of the Vulture Lord has been changed to better reflect its intended purpose. Purges can now only be initiated by an appropriate force from an enemy realm and requires direct conflict to trigger. As well, there have been a number of changes and fixes to Boss Seven within the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

Patch Notes Edit

For ease of reading, the Patch Notes have been broken into the following subpages:

Hotfixes Edit

A list of hotfixes for Game Update 1.3.5 can be found here.

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