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Items Edit

General Changes & Bug Fixes Edit

  • The 7 piece bonus for the Marauder and White Lion Warlord set will now correctly increase the speed gained by Charge!.
  • The 7 piece bonus for the Shaman Warlord set will now increase the radius of Eeeek!
  • The Critical Hit Bonus on the Warlord set bonus for Shadow Warriors will now show correctly in the character window.
  • The Critical Hit Reduction on the "Swift Tergiversation" liniment will now show up correctly in the character window.
  • Enervating Bigloppa: This item has had its DPS adjusted.
  • Tome of the Hunter's Moon and Chalice of the Hunter's Moon will now correctly restore Righteous Fury and Soul Essence.
  • The Magus set bonus for the Keeper set has been changed to a more appropriate effect.
  • The following adjustments have been made to the Mythic Tomb King merchant weapons:
    • All of the weapons have had their speeds slightly adjusted, and their DPS and stats slightly increased to be more appropriate for weapons of that level.
    • Aten Geheb, Guardian of the Sands: This items has had its Initiative replaced by Reduction In Being Critically Hit.
    • Corrected an issue with the following weapons which was giving them the incorrect attributes: "Mbizi Djaf, Chalice of the Deathbringer," "Rashidi Tahoth, Wisdom of the Eternal" and "Kemsin Sakhmet, the Fallen of Nehekara".
    • The following weapons have had their bonuses fixed and will now display the correct bonus tooltips : "Ur Tor Djaf, Keeper of Death" and "Ur Usirian Olam, the Eternal Darkness".
  • Warpmantle of Conquest: This item has had its stats adjusted.

Generic Item Changes Edit

  • A number of items that mentioned they were Unique-Equipped twice on the item tooltip have been fixed.
  • All Ordinance-purchased siege weapons and consumables have had their respective costs reduced. Please visit the Warcamp Quartermasters to see the new updated prices.
  • An issue was fixed that caused Player Armor Bits not to drop in RvR. These should once again be dropping rarely from player kills.
  • Expedition Resources: These items will no longer drop off keep guards in locked zones and are no longer Bind on Pickup.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed some Empire swords to be used in the offhand slot.
  • Fixed an issue where a number of Soul Talismans were displaying incorrect durations.
  • Items with decay timers can no longer be mailed.
  • Light, Medium and Heavy Oil Immunity Potions now have a five minute shared cooldown timer.
  • The Renown Merchant "Lootboy Ardfoot" will no longer sell items for the opposite realm.
  • Siege Weapons are now classified as siege allowing them to be filtered to specific bags in the player inventory.
  • Sovereign Trinkets will now drop from players as intended.
  • Vanguard Big Choppa: This item is now correctly categorized as a 2-handed weapon.

Item Art Changes Edit

  • Battle-Scarred Waistwrap: This item can now be dyed.
  • Battlehammer of the Fallen Explorer: This item will now display ahammer appropriate graphic when equipped.
  • Big Choppa of Dominion: This item will now display an appropriate graphic when equipped.
  • Sentry Skully: This item will now appear correctly when worn.
  • Sticka of the Proven: This item will now display an appropriate graphic when equipped.
  • Vanguard Trollsplitter: This item will now display an appropriate graphic when equipped .
  • Waraxe of the Great Hunt: This item will now display an appropriate graphic when equipped.

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