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January 26, 2010 Edit

Career Changes & Bug Fixes Edit

  • Buffs, stances and other effects will no longer be removed upon zoning or leaving the RvR lakes.

Items Edit

  • Items purchased using alternate currency of any type may no longer be sold back to a merchant for gold. This includes items purchased with RvR Tokens, Land of the Dead Currency, Ordnance or Bestial Tokens.

January 15, 2010 Edit

General Edit

  • Characters will no longer be incorrectly teleported to Black Fire Pass when using the WAR Report to teleport to Thickmuck Pit Keep within the Badlands.

Cities Edit

  • Players may now zone into captured Altdorf’s Palace and captured The Inevitable City’s Eternal Citadel while in combat.

Items Edit

  • The Eternal Sentinel found in The Land of the Dead will no longer drop test items. Additionally, the vessel weapons should now drop for the correct realm.
  • Fixed an issue where certain items were dropping less frequently than intended from King Amenemhetum, the Vulture Lord.

January 5, 2010 Edit

Items Edit

  • Expedition Resources: These items are now Bind on Pickup. Resources may be removed from guild vaults and will decay normally.

Content Edit

  • Female Salzenmund Trackers in Nordland no longer show as being Heralds, and are now able to be attacked and killed.

RvR Edit

  • Siege pads will now properly appear at the gates of Altdorf when the city becomes contested.

December 21, 2009 Edit

General Changes & Bug Fixes Edit

  • Battlebrew Quartermaster’s have appeared in Tier 1 Empire vs. Chaos Warcamps, Altdorf and The Inevitable City near the Live Event Herald. These Ogres will gladly exchange unusable Battlebrew Backpacks for usable ones until the end of the “Keg End” Live Event on 1/4/2009.

December 18, 2009 Edit

General Changes and Bug Fixes Edit

  • Battle Brew Backpack: Fixed an issue which caused this item to not be usable by the appropriate realm. Please note: This change did not fix existing bugged Battle Brew Backpacks. If you find yourself in possession of a bugged Battle Brew Backpack, please file an in-game appeal using the “Missing Item” category. Please note, appeals may take up to 7 days to be processed.
  • King Kegs: This Live Event item may now be targeted and destroyed by members of the opposite Realm.
  • Keg End’s Explosive Lager, Porter and Stout Kegs: These Live Event items now have a 1 second deployment time.

December 17, 2009 Edit

General Edit

  • Expedition Resources: These items will now be filtered by the “Trash” filter within the Auto Roll menu and fixed an issue that caused it to be equipable in the Pocket slot.

December 9, 2009 Edit

General Edit

  • In response to player feedback, all Flight Masters will now hover above the ground.

RvR Edit

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes reward Scenario Victory Points to the incorrect Realm.

Items Edit

  • Fixed an issue where Armor Bits were dropping far more frequently than intended.
  • Expedition Resources are now classified as Usable Equipment and can be properly filtered in the Auto Loot tab.

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