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General Changes & Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the player's health bar to not update appropriately.
  • New User Guilds: Fixed an erroneous message of "You are not in a guild" that would appear when a player left the New User Guild
  • Fixed an issue where players changing appearances could get stuck in the wrong appearance under certain circumstances
  • Ignored players will no longer appear in Warband or party chat
  • Weapon Trails: Weapon trails have been mathematically reworked to be much smoother in appearance, precise in motion and will take less time to calculate.
  • Dungeons: Fixed an issue where the lockout time displayed between two players saved to the same instance could be different from each other
  • Fixed two situations where monsters and player pets could appear on players screens to be moving but were in fact standing still
  • Fixed an erroneous "You have received an influence reward!" message that could occur when claiming Kill Collector rewards
  • Summoning will no longer print the location a player is being summoned too in the chat log.

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