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Highlights Edit

The Underdog System Edit

Each time a capital city is Captured the realm who successfully captured the city will lose one Underdog Rating point to a maximum of -3 while the realm who defended the city will gain one underdog rating point to a maximum of +3. Underdog Rating points will decay up or down back toward 0 by 1 point per 24 hours during which no city is Captured. Underdog Rating points greater than +1 or less than -1 each add or remove 5% to the percentage of Victory Points needed to capture zones in the Tier 4 Open RvR Campaign and also increase or reduce the Tier 4 pairing lockdown timer by one hour per point beyond the first. Additionally, Zone Domination timers are reduced to 45 minutes for Keeps and 10 minutes for Battlefield Objectives at an Underdog Rating of 2, and 30 minutes for Keeps and 0 minutes for Battlefield Objectives at an Underdog Rating of 3. New underdog rating icons and tooltips have been added to the Zone Control bar in Tier 4 to display this information.

Bloom & HDR Edit

The game client now allows users to turn on Bloom and HDR lighting post processing effects. Users who enable post processing will experience a visually harmonious and enhanced feel in the Warhammer world! To enable these new visual enhancements check the Post Processing box in the Customize Performance panel of the User Settings options. A new customize performance default setting has also been added, "Oooh, shiny!" which includes all the settings of "High Quality" with the addition of post processing (PLEASE NOTE: These features are not yet enabled for the Mac Client).

The WAR Report Edit

A feature that returning and existing characters will enjoy is 'The WAR Report' window. This window opens automatically when a player enters the game for the first time during a session and gives a snapshot of the action going on in the world. Separated by Tiers, the window not only gives you a list of current events but also allows you to choose one and teleport directly to the action. RVR events will take you to the closest warcamp and PVE events will take you to either the closest chapter hub or to the nearest Flight Master location which may be either a chapter hub or a warcamp depending on the event. This instant action teleport will be available for use once every 8 hours. The WAR Report window can be accessed via a toggle located on the left side of the mini-map between the Rally Cry and Scenario queuing buttons. The window can also be toggled off if players do not want it to automatically open when they first enter the game.

Patch Notes Edit

For ease of reading, the Patch Notes have been broken into the following subpages:

Hotfixes Edit

A list of hotfixes for Game Update 1.3.3 can be found here.

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