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User Interface Edit

New Features & Enhancements Edit

  • Starting Area Relocation: As part of the New User Journey, all new characters will now start in either Nordland or Norsca, based on their Realm affiliation. This emphasis will bring a variety of races into the same starting areas, giving Tier 1 a boost to population that will help ensure a fulfilling experience for all players. Trial users will only be able to access the Empire vs. Chaos starter areas, but subscribers will be able to visit the other Tier 1 pairings if they desire by visiting a Flight Master.
  • Tier 1 Dungeon: As part of the revamp to the starting area, we've added in a permanent Tier 1 version of the Hunter's Vale dungeon introduced in the "Wild Hunt" Live Event. The entrance for the dungeon is accessible at the crossroads between the areas for Empire Chapter 3 and Chaos Chapter 3. A repeatable quest is offered to reward brave groups that venture into this dungeon.
  • Open Realm vs. Realm Combat (Tier 1): As part of the starting-area consolidation, the only active RVR lake will be in Nordland. This will focus the Open RvR portion of Tier 1 and help ensure explosive battles over the Battlefield Objectives. As part of this emphasis, we've eliminated the Lagoon Battlefield Objective to ensure that all of the Open RvR Objectives are in the same lake and easily visible and accessible to all players.
  • Tutorials: To help ensure that players starting in our enhanced starter zones have enough information to properly experience and enjoy their initial foray into WAR, we've added a graphic tutorial system. These new windows are triggered automatically at key moments in the journey. The tutorial window system can be disabled if a player feels they don't need them by choosing to do so right on the tutorial window itself. Should they wish to turn back on the tutorials, this can be done in the User Settings in the help tips, and in the tutorial options section.
  • User Interface: The following portions of the User Interface are now hidden at the beginning of the game and will become visible when first needed: Experience Bar, Renown Bar, Tactics Bar, Morale Bar, Zone Control Bar, and the Chapter Influence Bar. Players can opt to show all parts of the UI at any time in the User Settings.
  • Enhanced Starter Area Content: As part of the New User Journey, we took a look at the content flow for the Empire and Chaos Tier 1 areas and made adjustments to the starting locations, quest flow, and rewards. Because of this, players in the Empire starting area will note that they are arriving down west of Grimmenhagen, just in time to help against the burning of the village, rather than in the center of town. Chaos players will find that their starting location is mostly unchanged, but there have been a number of small adjustments to the area outside the portal. The revamped content and flow have been tweaked to reduce travel time, ensure that players have an enjoyable quest flow, and give a more well-rounded introduction to the conflict encompassing the Realms as a whole.
  • Loading Screen: We've added in a loading screen that displays if there have been features added since the player's last login. The list of features will be tailored to the player entering the game, based on when they last entered.
  • Map: When viewing a zone map, active Public Quests will now show up on the map with a highlighted icon. This will allow players to see, at a glance, which Public Quests have active participants. Players can still view the number of participants by then hovering over the icon and reading the tooltip for that Public Quest.
  • Trainers: The wording for training has been modified slightly to clarify training being offered. Ex. "Core Training" has been renamed to "Buy Career Abilities". New characters will no longer be shown the "Mastery Training" (renamed "Buy Mastery Abilities") until they are the appropriate Rank. As well, training windows will now default to showing only the abilities that you can currently train/purchase.
  • Tome of Knowledge: Unlock-alerts for the Tome of Knowledge will no longer show up for new characters until they have received the Tutorial on the Tome of Knowledge, or they've reached a certain point in their advancement. The unlocks are still given and tracked in the background, they are just suppressed to avoid confusion until the character has learned about the Tome of Knowledge.
  • In-Game Manual: The in-game manual has been revamped, rewritten, and reorganized to ensure that it covers more information, and in a convenient format for users looking for specific information.
  • Help Tips: A number of help tips have been turned off and replaced by the aforementioned tutorial windows. As well, we've added a repository for all help tips and tutorial windows off the Help Window to allow players access to all help tips at any point. This way, players can find the information they need, even if they've turned off help tips or tutorials.
  • Character Creation: We've added in drop-down selection boxes for the character creation process when choosing features. These drop-down menus will give a description of the current choice as you scroll through, to make it easier to remember which version looked best. As well, any option can be chosen directly by clicking on the button and selecting that option from the drop-down menu.
  • Campaign Tracker: The Campaign Tracker available on the map has been adjusted to reflect the changes to the campaign with the removal of Fortresses.
  • Zone Capture: Players that have not reached Realm Rank 1 will not receive zone capture bonuses. This was done to prevent confusion to players that have not yet participated in open RvR in receiving rewards, and messaging that isn't appropriate to them yet.
  • Titles: Additional Titles have been implemented to support the addition of the Mac Client to the WAR experience. Get out there and start killing your enemies to find them!
  • New Player Guilds: With the introduction of update 1.3.2, new characters will automatically be placed in a New Player Guild when they enter Chapter 2 of their respective starting areas. Characters can participate in the New Player Guild similarly to a normal guild, but will not have any specific permissions and cannot be promoted. Players may remain in this New Player Guild until they reach Rank 20, at which point they are automatically removed and encouraged to find a guild or start one of their own. Players will also be removed from this New Player Guild should they join another guild, or choose to leave on their own. Access back into the New Player Guild will be accessible from a NPC in the warcamps if players leave the guild, or an existing player wants into the guild and they are under the Rank restriction.
  • Global Chat - Advice Channel: Players now have a global chat channel for advice that can be accessed by typing /advice. The channel is designed to allow players of all Tiers the ability to get answers to any questions they have during their play session. Players that so desire can now mark themselves as an 'Advisor' via the social options in the Social menu. This will give them access to a special 'Advisor' Title and make them visible via an 'Advisor' search feature in the Social menu. Like any public channel, the Advice channel will be moderated for proper usage and adherence to the rules of conduct.
  • Global Chat - Realm War: Players now have access to global chat channels for each Tier of open RvR. Players will have the ability to monitor these channels anywhere in the game, regardless of their location, and can choose to filter which Tier(s) they want to monitor at any given time. The Tier 1-3 channels will be open to all players for reading and posting. The Tier 4 channel will be open for reading by all players, but posting will be restricted to designated 'Realm War Captains' to prevent information overload. Realm War Captains are a new guild rank reward that can be assigned in a manner similar to standard bearers and recruiters. A slot for assigning a Realm War Captain will be accessible at Guild Ranks 20, 30, and 40; giving a maximum of three captains per guild. Like any public channel, the Realm War channels will be moderated for proper usage and adherence to the rules of conduct.

General Changes & Bug Fixes Edit

  • Warbands will no longer treat each member as distant when the number of members changes.
  • The maximum number of visible Core abilities in the Mastery Training window has been increased.
  • Abilities that can be toggled and are currently active will now have the swirling animation on their action buttons, including after the player reloads the UI.
  • The pet command bar will no longer disappear when exiting Scenarios.
  • Bonuses to auto-attack speed will now update on the character sheet.
  • Added a new backpack filter for siege items.
  • All abilities will now remain on the action bars when zoning.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a player's original Rank to display in the party window even after that player's Rank had been altered by something, such as the bolster buff.
  • The stack-count on items will now show in the loot window and the PQ bag loot window.
  • City Rank will now display on the UI when player is in their guild hall.
  • Chat: Fixed an issue that would intermittently cause the client to crash if the chat limit was set to unlimited, and players switched between tabs.
  • Character Select: Players will not be kicked out to character select if they press the "Play" button then quickly hit the "Create" button immediately after.
  • Key Mapping: The tilde key ( ~ ) can once again be bound on its own, or with CTRL.
  • Layout Editor: Exiting the game, or reloading the UI while the layout editor is active, will no longer cause most of the windows to crowd into the left corner upon subsequent login.
  • Public Quests: Fixed an issue with the way the roll results are displayed and scrolled in the Public Quest scoreboard. The results will now scroll with the names to prevent confusion.
  • Public Quests: Population counts will update on a more frequent basis, meaning that the tooltip information for a Public Quest will be more up to date.
  • Scenarios: When capturing an objective in a Scenario, the center-screen message will no longer incorrectly refer to it as a "Keep".
  • Scenarios: The list of players in the scenario scoreboard will no longer extend past bottom of list box when the 'Leave Now' button is visible.
  • Scenarios: The scoreboard will no longer lose the 'Leave Now' button if the player resurrects after the Scenario has ended.
  • Target Window: Primary and secondary target windows will no longer randomly stretch out vertically.
  • Tome of Knowledge: Fixed an issue where previously-completed armor sets were not showing individual pieces in the Armory.
  • Trade: Players now have the additional option to type /trade while another payer of their Realm is targeted to begin a trade transaction.
  • User Settings: The 'Click through self' option will now work properly if the player has a guild standard out.

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