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Items Edit

General Changes & Bug Fixes Edit

  • Players will now receive a warning the first time that they attempt to equip a bind-on-equip item.
  • Items where the talisman rules have been exploited to contain two of the same talisman will have the talisman(s) removed. The removed talismans will be refunded to the player.
  • Several lower-Tiered equipment pieces were visually updated in order to better diversify armors that looked too similar to one another.
  • The Engineer Sovereign armor has been updated in order to make it even more visually impressive and worthy of being called 'epic.'
  • Tooltips for items with passive abilities will display properly.
  • Item cooldowns will update properly on the action bar.
  • Weapon glow from talismans will now persist through zoning.
  • Fleet Stag Mantle: This cloak no longer suffers from clipping problems with certain race and equipment combinations.
  • Scorching Blast Potions: This potion's effect will no longer hit more than nine targets.
  • Sticky Bomb Potions: Sticky Bomb Potions will now correctly snare up to nine people who enter the affected area.

Generic Item Changes Edit

  • Chapter 18 Order Influence rewards have been changed to bind-on-pickup to match all other Influence rewards.
  • The following Soul Talismans have had their duration display issues corrected: Agonizing Assassin's Soul, Massive Dread Overlord's Soul, and Suffering Overlord's Soul.
  • The tooltip for Crushing Strike, the seven piece bonus from the Slayer Warlord set, will now display the correct damage.
  • The six-piece bonus for Melee DPS careers on the Tyrant set armor set will now display properly.
  • Badmoon Deathsword: The tooltip for the triggered effect on this item will now match the tooltip of the item itself.
  • Ironmane Tome: This charm will now function like other books when equipped.
  • Golden eye of Rah-Nutt, Golden Ankra: The absorb effect granted by these items is now typed as an Enchantment, and can be removed by any ability that removes Enchantments OR any ability that removes absorb effects.
  • Guardian Crusader's Soul: Corrected an issue where Guardian Crusader's Soul and its Massive counterpart were not displaying their tooltips properly.
  • Nepenthean Tonic: This item will no longer share the same cooldown as the healing potions purchased from the RvR merchants.
  • RvR Token Equipment: Changes have been made to the equipment available on Royal Quartermasters:
    • Sovereign Armor - A new Royal Quartermaster will now sell all pieces of the Sovereign armor set. In order to accommodate these changes, the accessory that was previously offered from the merchant has had its cost reduced. These items can be found on Colonel Eisenburg or Colonel Faber in Altdorf, and Overlord Steelhide or Overlord Bloodtorrent in The Inevitable City.
    • Warlord Armor - All of the Warlord set pieces can also now be found on the existing Royal Quartermasters. These items can be found on Captain Scholz or Captain Manon in Altdorf, and Hoardmaster Skinchange or Hoard Master Frerger in The Inevitable City.
  • RvR Token Delivery: A Royal Crest will now be granted to each participant in the kill of a sub-boss within the King instances. Additionally, two Royal Crests will be granted for each successful King kill.
  • Soul Talismans Soul Absorb I-V: Have now been typed as Blessings, and can be removed by any ability that removes Blessings OR any ability that removes absorb effects.
  • Spear of Remembrance: The tooltip for the triggered effect on this item will now match the tooltip of the item itself.

Item Art Changes Edit

  • Anniversary cloaks can now be dyed.
  • The following items have had their icons corrected: Bastquillox 'Andsplate and Battlehammer of the Sandstorm.
  • The unique weapons sold by the merchants in the Land of the Dead will now properly display as Mythic-quality items.
  • The following items have had their art corrected: Armbraces of the Tyrant and Work Gloves of the Tyrant.
  • Martial Trollsplitter: This weapon is now correctly set to be a two-handed weapon.

Item Stats Changes Edit

  • Chaos Chapter 4 elite Influence rewards will now be more appropriate to the player's career.
  • Corrected an issue where the Marauder item Brigand's Midstrap had Block instead of Melee Crit.
  • Corrected an issue where the Shaman item Initiate's Waaagh Beads had Ballistic skill instead of Willpower.
  • The following Warrior Priest items will now have Righteous Fury regen: Tome of the Sandstorm, and Tome of the Desert Storm.
  • The following items will now have more appropriate stats: Highstaff of Perpetual Hope, and Kindlestaff of the Wanderer.

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