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General Changes & Bug Fixes Edit

  • We are pleased to introduce the new Apprentice system. Apprenticeship will allow you to ask any lower-Rank groupmate to become your Rank, so that the two of you may adventure together. To Apprentice someone, just right click on the portrait of person in your group or warband who you wish to Apprentice, and select the "Make Apprentice" option. Their stats and gear will transparently scale to become appropriate for your Apprenticed Rank! Please note that while under the effects of Apprenticeship, you will not be able to queue for Scenarios that are not available at your natural Rank. Abilities which would be too high for your Apprenticed Rank will become temporarily unusable.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented abilities that boost the amount of Influence earned from working properly. For example, if a player participated in a Public Quest and killed a monster, that player might earn 100 Influence. If the same player was under the effect of a buff that increases Influence earned by 5%, the player should earn 105 Influence for killing that same monster; however, the bug was causing the player to still earn only 100 Influence. This has been corrected.
  • Mounts will no longer appear to be inexplicably standing in front of water when they are actually standing in the water.
  • All Orc heads have been adjusted in order to eliminate some clipping problems that were occurring with some of the race's headgear.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the game from running on machines that have 32 or more processors.
  • The game's figure and texture systems have been reworked to improve performance. As a result of these changes, the majority of users will notice less hitching when in large RvR battles, particularly on Nvidia 8000-class video cards.
  • Monsters: Flying monster movement will be less erratic when they quickly change altitude.
  • Monsters: Fixed an issue that sometimes caused monsters walking across zone boundaries to become stuck.
  • Objects: Players in the process of interacting with an object in the world (for example, a quest object, a flag, etc.) will now be interrupted using the same rules that dismount players who are riding mounts.
  • Objects: Fixed an issue that could cause objects in the world to not be aligned with the ground properly.
  • Pets: Fixed an issue where sometimes a pet returning to its master's side would become visibly out of sync with the server.
  • Pets: Sometimes, if a pet's master moved while their pet was actively fighting, that pet would return to its master's side. This issue has been corrected.

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