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Crafting Edit

General Changes & Bug Fixes Edit

  • It is now possible to place pigments used for dyes in their correct slot.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the Liniment of Immutable Defiance to award extra HP Regeneration.
  • "Saltwater Taffy" has now been renamed to "Salt Water Taffy" to avoid a conflict with the language filter.
  • Legacy Curio items should no longer drop when scavenging monsters.

Apothecary Edit

  • The following hybrid potions can now be crafted: Liniment of Boundless Sight, Liniment of Immutable Defiance, Liniment of Inexorable Aegis, Liniment of Peerless Defense, Liniment of Quickened Blades, and Liniment of Swift Tergiversation.
  • The following dyes can now be crafted: Dark Ivory Dye, Dark Peach Dye, Dark Purple Dye, Dark Red Dye, Dark Sage Dye, and Dark Sea Blue Dye.

Butchering Edit

  • A significant number of uncategorized monsters have been assigned harvest types.
  • All trash loot items dropped from creatures are now standardized and stack to 999.
  • The monster harvest system has been redesigned. Some monsters can now provide multiple harvests via butchering.
  • New dye ingredients can now be obtained through butchering.
  • Some butchering drops have been shuffled due to the redesign:
    • Bats now drop Force Shield and Restoration main ingredients.
    • Bears now drop Strength and Invigoration main ingredients.
    • Birds now drop Ballistic Skill and Glue Bomb main ingredients.
    • Boars now drop Restoration and Strength main ingredients.
    • Canines now drop Invigoration and Willpower main ingredients.
    • Daemon Beasts now drop Resist potion main ingredients.
    • Dragons now drop Toughness and Molotov main ingredients.
    • Felines now drop Willpower and Ballistic Skill main ingredients.
    • Insects and Arachnids now drop Armor and Toughness main ingredients.
    • Magical Beasts now drop Healing and Thorns main ingredients.
    • Reptiles now drop Molotov and Armor main ingredients.
    • Rodents now drop Glue Bomb and Intelligence main ingredients.
    • Squigs now drop Healing and Intelligence main ingredients.
  • Some hybrid potion main ingredients can now be obtained through butchering.
  • Stabilizers are now significantly less rare.
  • Trash loot variety has been reduced to one type per monster con level (Lord, Hero, Champion, Core, etc).

Cultivation Edit

  • Cultivation items will now have the proper crafting label showing.
  • Cultivation plots learned at a high skill level will be locked when relearning cultivation.

Salvaging Edit

  • The following items can now be salvaged: Liegecollar of Calumny, Vambraces of Dominion, and Oath Shield.

Scavenging Edit

  • The following items can now be scavenged: Eboncreed Acolyte and Eboncreed Whisperers.

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