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Highlights Edit

RvR Enhancements Edit

The frequency of exciting capital city invasions will be on the rise in update 1 3 2 as Fortresses are removed from the campaign. Now, players of a Realm need only to control two pairings in order to open the enemy city to attack. Keep battles are now more rewarding than ever before. The new Keep difficulty system ensures that the greater the number of combatants present during a raid on a Keep, the greater the rewards for both attackers and defenders.

New User Journey Edit

We've made a number of changes, notably in the starting areas, to make the game more accessible to trial, existing and returning players alike. This set of initiatives has been dubbed the 'New User Journey' and covers a number of features and enhancements being released with version 1 3 2. Each of these features and enhancements will be covered below, or in their respective section of the patch notes. Some highlights are listed below:

  • All new characters that join the Realm of Destruction will now begin the game in the Chaos starting area, no matter their race.
  • All new characters that join the Realm of Order will now begin the game in the Empire starting area, no matter their race.
  • A new voiceover tutorial will introduce the basic concepts of gameplay in WAR.
  • The content and quest flow of both Realms' starting areas have been revised and improved to provide a greater gameplay experience. As part of this change, the Hunter's Vale dungeon has been re-opened for Tier 1 players.
  • New players will automatically be placed in a 'new player guild', one for each Realm, to facilitate communication among those new to the game, or those who are rolling up an alt character, and to make finding a group a bit easier. The guilds are called the 'Forces of Order' and the 'Forces of Destruction'.
  • The in-game help manual has been completely revised and updated to be more useful, more accessible, and more current.

Apprenticeship System Edit

Are you new to the game, and want to adventure with your friends, but can't because they're many Ranks higher than you? Or are you looking to bring someone new to the WAR and want to adventure with them, but you're Rank 40 and they're just starting out? If the answer to either question is "Yes", we have great news! The new Apprentice system allows players of differing Ranks to play together, whether battling it out in RvR or aiding your Realm's war effort in quests and Public Quests. Just click on another player's portrait in the group or Warband window and choose the "Make Apprentice" option, and that player will be scaled up to your Rank, no matter how much lower of a Rank they are . See below for full details on this exciting new system.

Global Chat Channels Edit

Two new global chat channels have been added to the game: The Advice channel and the Realm War channel. The Advice channel lets players get fast answers to important questions. The Realm War channel allows global communication by "Realm Captains", special players designated by guilds that have unlocked the new Realm Captain Guild Rank reward. This channel can be used to discuss high-level RvR strategy, share information about enemy movements, and coordinate attack and defense efforts.

Career Balance Changes and Bug Fixes Edit

Version 1 3 2 is loaded with career balance changes and bug fixes, with a special emphasis on the Crowd Control. See below for the full list of career adjustments and improvements. Note that as a result of these changes, many careers have had their Core and Mastery abilities reset; if your character's Core and Mastery abilities were reset, you will need to visit a Career Trainer to retrain your abilities.

Performance and Stability Improvements Edit

We're always looking for ways to improve the gameplay experience, and that means optimizing performance and fixing issues that adversely impact server stability. In version 1 3 2, we've made changes to the game's figure and texture system that will boost performance, especially when many characters are on the screen at the same time.

Patch Notes Edit

For ease of reading, the Patch Notes have been broken into the following subpages:

Hotfixes Edit

A list of hotfixes for Game Update 1.3.2 can be found here.

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