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User Interface Improvements Edit

Social Window Changes Edit

We've implemented a new Friends List version of the Social Window. When players access the Social Window, they will now be greeted initially by a minimal Friends List that allows them to see, at a glance, which of their friends are online or offline. Information about each friend will be available by hovering over them on the list. Players can choose the 'Search and More' option on the minimal view to access the full features of the Social Window. If players prefer, the minimal view can be disabled by selecting the appropriate option in the options tab of the main Social Window. Also, players will now be suggested as friends based on your interactions with them in the world. These suggested friends will appear on your Friends List in either the new 'Friends List' minimal view or the normal Social Window view. Suggested friends will be sorted by the amount of interaction you have had with the player, and friends that are not added will be dropped over time if you haven't interacted with them recently. Players can filter their Friends List to not include suggested friends if desired.

Add-on Management Edit

The Add-on Management Window for the user interface has been improved to offer more information, better layout, and extra features to identify and troubleshoot the add-on experience. The new manager will allow the Mods List to be filtered by category. Among the new details visible for each add-on is the ability to display recommended careers. The Mods List will now display detailed information about each add-on's current load status; applicable states are: Not Loaded, Loaded, Loaded (!), and Failed. Loaded (!) will indicate that the add-on has been loaded, but with errors. If the status is 'Failed', additional information on what caused the failure (missing dependencies, etc.) will appear in the add-on details.

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