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User Interface Edit

Highlight: Social Window Changes Edit

  • We've implemented a new Friends List version of the Social Window. When players access the Social Window, they will now be greeted initially by a minimal Friends List that allows them to see at a glance which of their friends are online or offline. Information about each friend will be available by hovering over them on the list. Players can choose the 'Search and More' option on the minimal view to access the full features of the Social Window. If players prefer, the minimal view can be disabled by selecting the appropriate option in the Options Tab of the main Social Window.
  • Players will now be suggested as friends based on your interactions with them in the world. These suggested friends will appear on your Friends List in either the new 'Friends List' minimal view or the normal Social Window view. Suggested friends will be sorted by the amount of interaction you have had with the player and friends that are not added will be dropped over time if you haven't interacted with them recently. Players can filter their Friends List to not include suggested friends if desired.

Highlight: Add-On Management Improvements Edit

  • The Add-on Management Window for the User Interface has been improved to offer more information, better layout, and extra features to identify and troubleshoot the add-on experience. The new manager will allow the Mods List to be filtered by Category. Among the new details visible for each add-on is the ability to display recommended careers. The Mods List will now display detailed information about each add-on's current load status; applicable states are: Not Loaded, Loaded, Loaded (!), and Failed. Loaded (!) will indicate that the add-on has been loaded, but with errors. If the status is 'Failed', additional information on what caused the failure (missing dependencies, etc.) will appear in the add-on details.

Guild Window Edit

  • Players who are not in a guild currently will now be taken directly to the Guild Search tab instead of the New Guild tab.
  • The Guild Search tab will now auto-populate with search results when opened based on the default search parameters.
  • Guild: A message will now display to all online guild members when the Guild Tax Rate is changed.

Influence Edit

  • Players who complete an Influence bar will now be notified better and will have a unique effect played to indicate this, similar to the level-up effect for Ranks.

Chat Window Edit

  • Fixed an issue where multiple links in a chat line were not registering correctly at some resolutions.
  • Chat: Corrected an issue where typing '^^' would only result in '^' being shown in chat.
  • Repairable broken items will now link properly. This fixes an issue where the tooltip for some items of this sort were reporting incorrectly.
  • As part of our ongoing effort to improve game performance, we have removed the functionality to see the tooltip information when clicking on an ability name in the chat log.

Help Window Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the Appeal, Feedback, and Bug Report text entry boxes would allow additional text beyond the limit. Also fixed a rare issue where the Help Tips Window would not properly save when logging out.

Items Edit

  • Fixed an issue where tooltips for items with a proc and passive effect were not showing the bonuses correctly.

Macro Window Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the Macro Window text entry box would allow additional text beyond the limit.

Mail Window Edit

  • Fixed an issue where having multiple Auction House mails could cause some of the mail to overlap the window frame.

Map Window Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the map display would scale incorrectly at certain resolutions.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Buffs and Debuffs can now be prioritized in the window. Crowd Control Immunities will now almost always show up as the first buff/debuff in the targeting window.
  • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu Button on the Menu Bar was displaying its keybinding as (unbound) instead of the proper (esc).
  • Players claiming a Keep for their guild will now always receive notification that doing so will incur a recurring maintenance charge. This fixes an issue where this notification was only occurring if the player didn't have the funds needed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Respawn Window could show the wrong character as responsible for the current death.
  • Fixed an issue where the Survey Window might not have focus, making input of text impossible.

NPC Interaction Windows Edit

  • The Tooltip for Renown abilities will now correctly update when upgraded. This fixes an issue where the tooltip did not refresh properly if the tooltip remained up throughout upgrading.
  • A number of NPC interaction windows have been fixed to close properly when logging out to prevent issues.
  • When viewing the options at a Flight Master, zones that are currently down will now be noted as such and prevent access.
  • Fixed an issue where the Merchant Window would sometimes show as empty if a character logged out with a Merchant Window open.

Pregame Edit

  • Players will now automatically skip logos and movies when loading into the game after their initial play session. The client will now load directly into the Loading Screen and from there into the Character/Server Selection Screen as appropriate.

Public Quest Tracker Edit

  • Fixed an issue where some PQ Trackers with large amounts for goals had their numbers truncated.
  • Corrected an issue during the loot roll portion of the Public Quest Tracker to accurately include the player's Rank in contribution. This fixes an error where the numerical position was not being reported, causing confusion to players.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Public Quest trackers in cities. Players who had moved this UI element may find that the position has been changed.

Quest Window Edit

  • Fixed an issue with a number of quest waypoints that would not produce a waypoint tooltip properly.

Social Window Edit

  • Players that are shown as offline in the Friends List will now be listed as 'offline or anonymous' to better reflect their potential status. This fixes an issue where the Friends List would be listing a player as offline, but they may be in-game and anonymous, potentially causing confusion.
  • Players will now be notified when another player friends them and will be prompted to friend them back immediately.

Tome of Knowledge Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the text on the title page of the Tome of Knowledge was being truncated at a certain screen resolution.
  • Fixed an issue where the image and text for bestiary entries would occasionally overlap on the initial view of a session.
  • In version 1.3.0, we added a number of titles to Achievements, but players that had completed the achievement previously did not receive the title correctly. Players will now receive the updated titles on the first login of that character after this patch if they had completed the achievement previously.

User Settings Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the User Settings Window was not closing correctly in rare instances. Also, the 'Click Through Self' option in the User Settings Window will now work properly even if the character is mounted.
  • There is now an option in the Group Menu that will allow players to Automatically Loot in an RvR situation (be that solo, in a group, or in a warband).
  • We've added a feature that will allow profiles to be shared between characters.

World Search Edit

  • The Land of the Dead zones have been added as options in the World Search section of the Open Parties and Warbands Window. Players can now search by these interests and set their own interests so other players can find them easier for adventuring the in the Land of the Dead.

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