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Realm vs. Realm Edit

Capital Cities Edit

  • The top ten Rank-40 guilds in terms of Renown gain will now have their heraldry displayed in the cities, near the guild taverns. This list will be recalculated every Monday.

Open RVR/Campaign Edit

  • Battlefield Objective map icons now have the following characteristics.
    • Initial state (unclaimed): Green Shield.
    • After being claimed: Green Shield with Fire (Contested).
    • After three minutes: Blue/Red Shield with Lock (Locked), and 30-minute domination timer.
    • After 15 minutes: Blue/Red Shield (Normal), domination timer is still running.
    • After the domination timer ends: Blue/Red Shield with Yellow Glow (Dominated).
  • Keep map icons now have the following characteristics.
    • If the Keep is under attack, there will be an explosion icon in the middle of the Keep.
    • If the Keep has a defense status of anything besides "Vulnerable", there will be a shield pip at the top of the icon.
    • The shield pip will be the same color as the defense status text in the tooltip. (Yellow for Light, Orange for Medium, Red for Heavy.)
    • If the Keep is dominated, the icon will be surrounded by a yellow glow.
  • A second ramp has been added to all Keeps leading from the bottom floor to the Keep Lord.
  • Players affected by the "Chicken" debuff will once again be worth reduced Renown and Experience.
  • Guild Experience awarded from holding a Keep in a zone that is captured will now be displayed in the Guild News Channel.
  • The Keep upkeep costs displayed in the Profile Tab of the Guild Window will now update if Keep Upgrades have been purchased.
  • Fortress timers have been added to the map and related tooltips. Prior to the Fortress being captured, this timer will display the time remaining in the Fortress Public Quest before it resets the pairing. Once the Fortress has been captured, it will display the time remaining in which another pairing must be captured.
  • Claimed Keep upkeep was being deducted from guild banks every three and a half minutes rather than the desired five minutes. This has been fixed.
  • Some portions of the RvR Lake in Caledor would respawn players in the Chapter hub rather than the RvR Lake. This has been corrected.

Scenarios Edit

  • Players who leave a Scenario prior to a Scenario's completion will now be given a Quitter! debuff. This debuff prevents the gain of Experience and Renown for five minutes.
  • We have made improvements to the Scenario scoreboard. When the scoreboard comes up at the end of the Scenario, players will have two minutes to view the scoreboard before being zoned back into the world. Players who wish to leave earlier can click the exit button at the bottom of the scoreboard.
  • The "Join All" button for Scenario queuing will no longer stop joining some Scenarios if a player queues up for all Scenarios and then leaves some queues immediately.
  • Players who receive a Scenario invitation just prior to or during a zone load will now be able to enter the Scenario when they finish loading.

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