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Items Edit

Highlight: Live Event Equipment Slot Edit

Players will now see a new equip slot on their paper-doll. This is the "Event" slot made for items specifically given out in the Live Events. Please note, this is not a retroactive change and old Live Event rewards cannot go in the Event slot. The first item that can be used in this new equipment slot will be obtainable from The Wild Hunt Live Event. Also, as part of this change, Live Event Public Quest loot bags will now have a new decay timer.

Highlight: RvR Token System - Smart Drops Edit

The RvR Token System has been updated. When a player is killed, the system will now be intelligently aware of the number of participants that may be rolling on the items which the players will drop. The chance a Medallion or Crest will drop will now scale relative to the number of players involved in a kill, helping to bring the rate at which participants receive Medallions or Crests to the appropriate Rank, regardless of the number of players involved in a kill.

Highlight: Warlord Public Quest Reward Change Edit

The Warlord PQ has transitioned from a 48-man open encounter to a 24-man instanced encounter. As all components have been scaled, the number of bags dropped has been reduced to reflect 24 participants, rather than 48. The Warlord encounter will now drop a maximum of four Gold Bags, instead of eight.

Generic Item Changes Edit

  • Added a unique warning prompt when converting alternate currency items from one type to another.
  • The Book of Binding: This item can no longer be placed in your bank.
  • Greater Soul Haste: Fixed a bug that allowed this to trigger more often than intended.
  • Corrected issues where certain item descriptions were on the wrong items. The following adjustments to items have been made:
    • Mummified Bull's Tongue and Nehekharan Chrysanthemum have had their descriptions switched.
    • Mummified Cat's Tongue and Nehekharan Salix have had their descriptions switched.
    • Mummified Goat's Tongue and Nehekharan Papyrus have had their descriptions switched.
  • Dwarf Chapter 1 Basic Influence rewards have been adjusted, and will no longer have Weak Talisman of Grit as a reward.
  • The following NPC's can now repair items in the Land of the Dead: Treasure Hunter Guzguz, Treasure Hunter Kurim, Treasure Hunter Rungni, , and Treasure Hunter Urglob.
  • The Guild Recall Scrolls can no longer be used when the city is at Rank 1.
  • Issues with Black Guards being able to use two-handed swords and small spears have been corrected with the Tomb King Vessel Weapons. Black Guards previously wielding a two-handed 'Vessel' sword will now see those weapons as glaives. Black Guards previously wielding a small 'Vessel' spear will now see those weapons as one-handed swords.
  • Land of the Dead: Fixed an issue where weapon merchants were selling weapons of the opposite Realm.
  • Liniment of War: This item's Mercy effect now persists through death.
  • Lower Tier merchants that mysteriously stocked incorrect items will now be corrected.
  • The NPC "Landscaper" in the High Elf Chapter 2 area will no longer be a merchant.
  • The 2-piece Obliterator Set Bonus for Shaman has been changed. It now increases the effectiveness of "Life Leaka" by 2 levels.
  • The Ritual of Shadow Public Quest will no longer have an empty Gold Bag as a reward.
  • Quarryman Torc: This item has had its career requirement changed to Slayer.
  • Slicer of Salzenmund: This item was flagged incorrectly for Empire when it was intended for Chaos. This has been corrected.
  • Staff of Winds: This item will now correctly appear in your quest backpack.
  • Stoneclaimer Bellybucker: This item has had its slot requirement changed to a belt.
  • Tomb King Pocket Items: All Tomb King pocket items are once again Unique - Equipped. The issue where players could not use abilities from Unique - Equipped items has been fixed.
  • The Tomb Swarm Trophy: This item will is now bind-on-pickup.
  • Zealots completing the Sharpthorn Wud PQ will now receive the correct items from very rare (purple) bags.
  • The Zeppelin Destroyer Medal Trophy: This item is now bind-on-pickup.

Item Art Changes Edit

  • Crystalized War Shroud: This item was not displaying properly when worn. This has been corrected.
  • Trollskin War Shroud: This item will no longer make characters bald when it is equipped.
  • The following Trophies will now appear on the character when equipped: Chattelbind, Corsair's Tools, Iron Quest Journal, and One Gem.
  • Multiple armor sets have been updated and revamped in order to make them more receptive to armor dye colors.
  • Several of the Sovereign armor sets have been updated in order to make them even more visually impressive and worthy of being called "epic."
  • Chaos Chosen body armor no longer has a glut of plain "long underwear" showing underneath their chest plates; instead, they now sport a variety of plated greaves and rerebraces.
  • Multiple choice armor pieces in the lower Tiers have been visually updated in order to better diversify armors that looked too similar to one another.
  • The Shadow Warrior Tier 2 and Tier 3 shoulders (core armor sets) were updated in order to better diversify armors that looked too similar to one another.

Item Stat Changes Edit

  • Claymore of Salzenmund: This item was missing a damage-per-second rating. This has been corrected.
  • Corrected an issue where the auto-attack speed item bonus was being calculated at a lower than expected value.
  • Corrected an issue where the DPS% item bonus was not functioning correctly.
  • Deathaxe of Conquest: This item will now display stats.
  • Plunderer's Armor: This armor now has additional stats. Previously this armor only had resists.
  • The Raging Axe: This item will now have the correct DPS.
  • Stalker Set: This item set has had its power boosted to be in-line with the level of the quest chain that grants it.

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