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Crafting Edit

General Edit

  • Crafting items purchased from the guild stores can now be placed in the crafting backpack.
  • Some monsters will now allow players to harvest from them multiple times.
  • The following Lost Vale monsters can now be butchered/scavenged: Ancient Branchwraith, Bliss-Fury, Cannibalistic Gorger, Darkpromise Daemonette, Darkpromise Devotee, Darkpromise Fallen, Darkpromise Follower, Darkpromise Hierophant, Darkpromise Masochist, Darkpromise Mindwarper, Darkpromise Painbringer, Darkpromise Painscreamer, Darkpromise Pleasurebringer, Darkpromise Sadist, Darkpromise Seer, Darkpromise Summoner, Darkpromise Terrorhound, Darkpromise Worshiper, Darkpromise-Fury, Furrowing Sprite, Gorge-Fury, Gorge-Maw Bull, Gorge-Maw Gnoblar, Gorge-Maw Hunter, Gorge-Maw Irongut, Gorge-Maw Lucky Git, Gorge-Maw Maneater, Gorge-Maw Rhinox, Gorge-Maw Sabretusk, Gorge-Maw Slaughtermaster, Gorge-Maw Tyrant, Hate-Fury, Lucky Git Foogs, Mindfall Scorpion, Pain-Fury, Painvine Burster, Painvine Feeler, Painvine Needler, Pleasure-Fury, Prismatic Scorpion, Rageclaw Scorpion, Sorrowtongue Lizard, Stonehewer Gorger, Vale Branchwraith, Vale Earthsinger, Vale Graybark, Vale Guardian, Vale Mossfiend, Vale Mosskeeper, Vale Seedkeeper, Vale Spite, Vale Thornbark, Vale Thornfiend, Vale Thornling, Vale Treeguard, Vale Wanderer, Viletongue Lizard, Whitefire Broodmother, Whitefire Painvenom, Whitefire Pleasurevenom, Whitefire Sentinel, Whitefire Webspinner, Wrath Spite, Writhing Ambusher, Writhing Berserker, Writhing Crusher, Writhing Herdguard, Writhing Herdkeeper, Writhing Herdseer, Writhing Longtusk, Writhing Paingor, Writhing Painseer, Writhing Pleasureseer, Writhing Rager, Writhing Shaman, Writhing Stonehoof, and Writhing Tuskhide.

Butchering Edit

  • Zandri Drakes can now be butchered.
  • Zandri Scorpions can now be butchered.

Cultivation Edit

  • Earthbore Tineworms and Exquisite Watering Cans will now convert into usable Cultivation items.

Salvaging Edit

  • All dyes are no longer flagged as salvageable.
  • Box of Portable Explosives is no longer flagged as salvageable.
  • Captain's Pummelers are no longer flagged as salvageable.
  • Dark Fate Pick is no longer flagged as salvageable.
  • Gleaming Spiderfang is no longer flagged as salvageable.
  • The following items are now salvageable: Festitt's Bodyplate, Festitt's Breastscale, Festitt's Bulwark, Festitt's Carapace, Festitt's Carcass-Guard, Festitt's Cassock, Festitt's Chestplate, Festitt's Chewtop, Festitt's Corset, Festitt's Corslet, Festitt's Flamerobe, Festitt's GownFestitt's Hauberk, Festitt's Hoeth Robe, Festitt's Klad, Festitt's Leathers, Festitt's Longcoat, Festitt's Mailcoat, Festitt's Nightrobe, Festitt's Platecoat, Festitt's Robefings, Festitt's Tuff Chest, Festitt's Tunic, and Festitt's Vestments.
  • World Drop and Reward Talismans are no longer flagged as salvageable.

Talisman Making Edit

  • Certain Melee Critical Talisman results are no longer invalid.
  • The Sacred Crusader's Soul Talismans now have a tooltip.
  • The Soul of the Sacred King Talismans now have a tooltip.
  • Summoning Stone components can now be purchased by Talisman Makers from Morena von Hoffe in Altdorf and Alerian the Flayer in The Inevitable City.
  • Tomb King Talismans - These crafted talismans have had a slot restriction introduced to them. The reason for this is that these talismans were not intended to be stacked for multiple bonuses. The following restrictions now apply:
    • The following items can now be slotted to boots only: Crystal of Alacrity, Crystal of Haste, Crystal of Quickening, Crystal of Sandstorms, Fractured Crystal of Alacrity, Fractured Crystal of Haste, Fractured Crystal of Quickening, Fractured Crystal of Sandstorms, and Odjira, Ur Odjira.
    • The following items can now be slotted to gloves only: Crystal of Agony, Crystal of Misery, Crystal of Pain, Crystal of Suffering, Fractured Crystal of Agony, Fractured Crystal of Misery, Fractured Crystal of Pain, Fractured Crystal of Suffering, and Kamenra, Ur Kamenra.
  • The Zealous Crusader's Soul Talisman now has a description.

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