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Contested City Public Quest Improvements Edit

The Public Quest mechanics in the contested versions of both capital cities have been changed to create a more RvR-focused experience. Other than guards and Public Quest bosses, all aggressive NPCs have been removed as they are no longer required to win the PQ. Ambient and quest monsters are still intact, but they will be neutral to all players. The PQ also no longer requires players to ignite or extinguish fires, so all burnable objects not related to other quests have been removed. The number of Battlefield Objectives has increased to three per city:

  • Altdorf Battlefield Objectives: Bright Wizard College, Central Altdorf, and Temple of Sigmar. (The Docks BO has been removed.)
  • The Inevitable City: The Apex, The Monolith Focus, and Temple of the Damned.

The Public Quest consists of the following two stages:

Stage 1 Edit

  • Order Victory Points - 0/1000
  • Destruction Victory Points - 0/1000
  • Players earn points by capturing and holding BOs and killing other players. NPC kills no longer award Victory Points. Player kills will earn two Victory Points. Battlefield Objectives generate ten points per capture and then one point every three seconds while owned. If a Battlefield Objective is completely abandoned (because there are no players in the area), the BO will revert to a neutral state after 60 seconds and stop generating points. The first Realm to earn 1,000 Victory Points advances the PQ to Stage 2 and forces the opposing Realm's General (the PQ boss) to spawn.

Stage 2 Edit

  • Order Victory Points - 0/1000
  • Destruction Victory Points - 0/1000


  • Kill General Leighton - 0/1 (if Destruction wins Stage 1)
  • Kill Adell the Corruptor - 0/1 (if Order wins Stage 1)
  • The winner of Stage 1 may now try to win the PQ by either killing the enemy PQ boss or earn another 1,000 points via player kills and controlled BOs. Alternately, the loser of Stage 1 can try to earn 1,000 points first, which causes Stage 2 to flip to their winning conditions. Winning Stage 2 will earn a chest drop in the safety of the winning Realm's spawn area.

  • As part of the above changes, the Generals in the Main City PQs have had their mechanics redesigned and retuned. This was done to bring them more in line with their role in the new PQ design.

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