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Highlights Edit

  • The day of invasion is at hand! Capital city invasions are more exciting than ever, with a simplified and accessible new flow of invasion states, interface improvements, Public Quest upgrades, and more! See below for full details on these changes.
  • All Keeps have been expanded! There are now two ramps up to the Lord room for attackers and defenders alike to watch and utilize for flank attacks on their enemies.
  • Our scouts will now mark your map with new icons displaying more precise statuses of Keeps and Battlefield Objectives. One glance at the map will be all you need to get an understanding of how the war is progressing across the entire region. See below for details on this useful new enhancement.
  • Player-crafted Summoning Stones allow groups to rapidly assemble for battle even when the party members are spread out over long distances. See below for additional details on this valuable new tool in your arsenal.
  • We have made further improvements to overall performance and stability, highlighted by substantial performance improvements in the game's animation system.
  • And much, much more including a healthy dose of career bug fixes, item and crafting improvements, and even more UI updates.

Patch Notes Edit

For ease of reading, the Patch Notes have been broken into the following subpages:

Hotfixes Edit

A list of hotfixes for Game Update 1.3.1 can be found here.

External Links Edit

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