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Realm vs. Realm Edit

  • Fortress timers will now decrease by 15 minutes for each time the corresponding city has been contested in the past three days. The timer cannot go below 15 minutes total. For example, if Altdorf has been pushed into contested twice in the past three days, and Destruction pushes the campaign into Stonewatch, the time Destruction has to defeat the Fortress lord will be 30 minutes.
  • The Field of Glory buff currently grants a 100% Experience bonus in RvR Lakes when killing players. Players will now receive an additional 50% bonus to Experience and a 150% bonus to Renown when killing players near Battlefield Objectives or Keeps.
  • Keep tooltips will now display text to indicate how well-defended a Keep is. The categories are as follows: Vulnerable (Green), Light (Yellow), Medium (Orange), or Heavy (Red).
  • Deflect Oil: Fixed an issue with the radius info on this ability's tooltip.
  • Resolute Defense: Grants immunity to crowd control effects for a short duration. This ability is available through Renown training.
  • Siege: Fixed a bug that would grey-out abilities for the duration of the siege crowd control immunity.

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