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Highlights Edit

  • The war moves into exotic lands! With the introduction of the amazing new Land of the Dead high-level RvR dungeon, the Tomb Kings join the Age of Reckoning. Challenging new encounters, new action-oriented gameplay, and the chance to invade enemy player instances, are all waiting in the desert sands. Unearth fabulous new treasure, including a new armor set for every career! See below for the full details on this epic expansion!
  • The Ward system has been revamped to give players the power to take on the toughest enemies in the game without the requirement of wearing specific armor pieces for their wards. This system replaces the previous Ward system, and enhances the Old World Armory section of the Tome of Knowledge. Full details are below.
  • Now you can share the wealth with your friends and realm-mates! Opt out of loot rolls in Public Quests (including those in Keeps and Fortresses) to ensure that everyone gets their share of the treasure. After all, the better your realm is equipped, the better you'll fare in the contest to secure control of the Land of the Dead!
  • As all eyes turn to the blazing desert lands in the south, the realms draw up their plans to take advantage of the diversion and claim victory on the field of battle. Collect Ordnance to purchase new enhanced siege engines, secure your Keep's inner door with the new "Deadbolt" upgrade, and experience numerous improvements to many of the game's Scenarios.
  • To ensure that you and your allies can wage battle against the undead legions of the Tomb Kings (or any of the game's other challenging instanced bosses!), we have made several player-friendly changes to the instance lockout timer system. Now, players both with and without lockout timers can join forces to crush the enemy and reap the rewards of conquest. Players who log out in most instances will be able to log back in within the instances at the same spot they left if they return within five minutes. This does not affect Scenarios or instances where both realms are participating (such as the invaded state of instances in the Land of the Dead.)
  • Take control like never before with improved Action Bar functionality. Show up to five action bars on the screen, and customize the orientation and number of buttons on each bar individually.
  • We have expanded player inventory to ensure that you have room for all of the new treasures you find in the Land of the Dead. Players will be able to obtain additional inventory space for alternative currency and crafting, freeing up their existing inventory for more loot!

New Live Event - Rise of the Tomb Kings Edit

Rise of the Tomb Kings is the third and final chapter in the Call to Arms! live event story arc leading up to the release of the Land of the Dead. Rise of the Tomb Kings pits the forces of Order and Destruction against each other in a race to gather the resources needed for an expedition to the Land of the Dead. The successful faction on each server will receive premier access to the dungeon a full day earlier than anyone else on the same server. Though the primary reward for participation in this event is the chance to gain early access to the Tomb Kings dungeon, players who complete all ten Tome challenges will receive an exclusive title: "Sky Captain" for Order, and "Master of the Air" for Destruction. Some brave adventurers may even receive the Ravening Cloak, an ultra rare -drop item reward.

The Land of the Dead Edit

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Land of the Dead will not be immediately available for play when version 1.3.0 goes live. Entry to the Land of the Dead must first be earned by the realm that wins the live event Rise of the Tomb Kings, which is described above.) The Land of the Dead is an expansive new dungeon area offering an array of new game-play experiences, including instances that can be invaded, camps that can be besieged, action-packed boss fights akin to those you'll find in a console game, and new types of Public Quests. New rewards also await, including a new armor set for each career. The dungeon area consists of two parts: The Necropolis of Zandri and the Tomb of the Vulture Lord. To access the Land of the Dead, players must travel to their Capital City and speak with the Flight Master. Players must be at least Rank 25 to travel to the Land of the Dead, and their realm must have an active expedition.

Land of the Dead Expedition System Edit

At any given time, only one realm will have sufficient resources to afford an active expedition to the Land of the Dead. That realm's flight masters will offer the flight path, while the other realm's will not. Both realms' expedition resource progress can be found on the world map, The Land of the Dead pairing map, and the Necropolis of Zandri map. The Realm Resource Tracker can be shown on your HUD by selecting the 'HUD tracker' option below the Realm Resource Tracker on the map. Expedition resources are awarded with every Tier 4 zone capture. Expedition Resource inventory items will drop from all players killed in Tier 4 ORvR lakes, all players killed in capital cities, and when a city is pillage or captured state from NPCs found in Tier 4 open RvR lakes (Expedition Quartermasters will offer a quest directing players to these NPCs camps when available).These items can be turned in to the Expedition Quartermaster to earn resource points. The Expedition Quartermasters are located in every Tier 4 warcamp, in the capital cities and in Refugee Camps. Expedition Resource collection pauses for both realms for 30 minutes every time either realm starts a new expedition (i.e. wins control of the dungeon). Players who die and release in any of the Land of the Dead's zones while their realm has an active expedition will respawn inside the dungeon zone. Players who die and release in any of the Land of the Dead's zones when their realm does not have an active expedition will respawn back in their capital city. Players who log out in any of the Land of the Dead's zones, on the other hand, will log back in the Land of the Dead regardless of their realm's current expedition status.

The Necropolis of Zandri Edit

The Necropolis of Zandri is a large desert zone littered with ruins and the remains of monumental temples that echo the splendor of the ancient empire ruled by King Amenemhetum, the Vulture Lord. This a full RvR zone for players Rank 25 to Rank 40, filled with exciting new content and challenges:

  • Eighteen Public Quests that introducing several new gameplay dynamics
  • Dungeon Purging and Claiming quests
  • Enemy Camp Siege Objectives
  • Four new group instanced Lairs featuring the Glyph System.
    • Every Necropolis of Zandri Public Quest completed will award a specific glyph type to all players on the contribution list. Glyphs are tracked in the Necropolis of Zandri Journal Entry page and on the Glyph Tracker available on the Necropolis of Zandri map and on the HUD when in the Necropolis of Zandri zone.
    • Every instanced Lair requires a specific combination of Glyphs to enter. You can find information about which Glyphs are required to enter each Lair by opening up the Glyph page of the Tome, hovering over the Lair icons on your map, or by using the Glyph Tracker.
    • The Glyph Tracker is a new UI element located on the Necropolis of Zandri map. This tracker provides tooltips stating which PQ is needed for each Glyph, and a link to the Tome of Knowledge Glyph page. The Glyph icons inside the Tracker will highlight as Glyphs are acquired.
    • Glyphs are not expended on Lair entry, but rather after the boss monster inside is successfully defeated. Glyphs are tracked in the Necropolis of Zandri Journal Entry page and on the Glyph Tracker available on the Necropolis of Zandri map and on the HUD when in the Necropolis of Zandri zone.

The Tomb of the Vulture Lord The great pyramid that towers over the Necropolis of Zandri is called the Tomb of the Vulture Lord. It is within the sandstone walls of this forbidding edifice that players will face the deadliest adversaries in the Land of the Dead:

  • The Tomb is an RvR-flagged group instance for Rank 40 players.
  • Inside are deadly trap encounters that will test players' wits and skills.
  • The Tomb features several new, exciting Boss fight encounters, including a chance to face off with the Tomb King and his Casket of Souls.

Invade your Enemy's Instance! Edit

In the Land of the Dead, there is no safety from the sinister forces of undeath, and no shelter from the enemy realm. Even instanced gameplay is now fair game, with the introduction of new invade-able instances. When zoning in to an invade-able instance, the group leader will receive a prompt asking if he or she would like to start a new instance, or invade an existing enemy instance. The option to invade is only available if your realm currently maintains control over the Land of the Dead and if there is currently an enemy instance running. With new invade-able instances, war truly is everywhere!

Other Features Edit

  • Numerous Land of the Dead Tome Unlocks have been added, including:
    • New Dungeon Crawling Achievements awarding Trophies and Titles!
    • New Bestiary Achievements awarding Trophies, Titles and Tome Tactics!
  • Plunder ancient barrows filled with fabulous treasures! The Land of the Dead offers new loot for everyone.
    • New Tyrant Armor set
    • New Crafting Materials
    • New weapons that can be customized with special talismans from the Land of the Dead!
    • New Pocket Items
    • New Accessory Sets
    • And Much More!
  • All monsters, Public Quests, and quests throughout all parts of the Land of the Dead award tokens which can be traded in to acquire much of the new loot offered throughout the dungeon area. Land of the Dead token merchants can be found in each realm's Necropolis of Zandri Expedition Camp.

New Ward System Edit

The Armor Ward system has been revamped into a new achievement-based system. Each Ward in the new system represents a Ward that was previously awarded through the acquisition and equipping of armor sets found in the Old World Armory. The purpose of the revamp to the Ward system is to allow players to get the benefit of the Wards previously associated with the armor sets without being required to wear and use that armor set. It also allows for new methods of receiving the Ward and progressing through the game without collecting armor sets. The revamped Ward system can be viewed and tracked in the Old World Armory section of the Tome of Knowledge. Clicking on any Ward loads a page that displays the fragments needed to complete the Ward, and describes the tasks associated with each fragment of the Ward. For any given fragment, only one task of those presented will need to be done. You can see the tasks associated with each fragment by clicking on the fragment icon on the left side of the screen. Also, obtaining a fragment of a higher level Ward will unlock the fragment for any lower level Wards. Once unlocked, a fragment is unlocked; completing multiple fragment tasks for any particular task will not grant any additional bonus. Similar to the old system, one of the methods of acquiring a Ward fragment is through armor sets. To receive the unlock that grants the Ward fragment for any armor piece, the armor will need to be equipped once. Once equipped the first time, the unlock will be given and that armor need not be worn again to receive the benefit of the Ward fragment associated with it. For players that already had armor pieces that they may no longer have, we've setup a system so that anyone with previous armory credit for an item that grants a Ward fragment in the new Ward system will automatically receive credit for the fragment task upon first logging in on that character. Please note that the PVE and RVR fragment tasks are new to this system and the counters for these tasks will start at zero.

Gunbad Dungeon Updates Edit

The Night Goblin-infested Gunbad dungeon has received a significant overhaul based upon player feedback! Now a party of as few as four players starting at Rank 19 can successfully explore the depths of Gunbad and claim its many rewards. If, unfortunately, a party meets an untimely end, only mere moments will now stand between them and continuing the adventure as respawn checkpoints have been added throughout. Many additional changes have been made: we have fixed numerous bugs, rebalanced many encounters and removed the influence requirements from the final instanced boss rooms. Best of all, you can now earn substantially more experience for your efforts! For realm of Order players, a new dungeon entrance has been added to the Badlands that will provide easier access to Gunbad The Night Goblins have unexpectedly awakened an ancient evil; do you have the courage to venture into the underbelly of the unknown?

Patch Notes Edit

For ease of reading, the Patch Notes have been broken into the following subpages:

Hotfixes Edit

A list of hotfixes for Game Update 1.3 can be found here.

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