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  • All chapters throughout the game within Tiers two through four have received a pass on Public Quest difficulty, much like what was previously done within Tier one. All affected Chapters now have an "Easy", "Normal", and "Hard" Public Quest. Public Quest points on the map have also been updated to reflect these difficulty levels as well as suggested player numbers to successfully complete.
  • Numerous epic quests within the Dwarf vs. Greenskin pairing have been modified to be more immersive and rewarding. For many this means that the length of the quests have been increased in order to tell a grander story. The experience and coin rewards have been adjusted to account for these changes.
  • Two new lairs have been added to the game. One resides somewhere in Black Crag and is the domain of the vicious creature, Malachia. The other is the tomb of a fallen Slayer which may be found within Kadrin Valley.
  • Valayan Dwarf Spirits will no longer attack players.
  • The Griffon Courier will now be friendly to Order players in Chaos Chapter 7 in Ostland.
  • Fixed an issue in Empire Chapter 9 in which a progression of triggered monster spawns that culminated in a boss monster named Psylchhron was failing to reset.
  • The Moltenback Snarler no longer instantly respawns upon death.
  • The Barak Varr guards will now attack invaders.
  • Lysa Darkflayer will no longer attack players as well as Silien Fellseer
  • Arathen Sunblade will no longer get the killing blow on Zarek Thrandor.
  • The Bloodborn Wrathblade is now attackable
  • The Dead Winter Lynx is no longer attackable by Order-aligned characters.
  • Crushfist the Hollow will now properly use abilities in combat.

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