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Game Update 1.2.0 is a Patch released to the Live Servers on Tuesday, March 3, 2009; for ease of reading, and due to the length of the Update, the Patch Notes have been broken into numerous subpages.

Squig Herder Edit

Bug Fixes 
  • 'Ere Squiggy!: Fixed a bug that prevented this Tactic from firing on damage abilities.
  • Big Bouncin!: This ability will now behave correctly when interrupted.
  • Da Waaghz Iz Strong: The duration of Yer Bleedin! is now correct with this tactic slotted.
  • Indigestion: Fixed a bug that caused this ability to use Intelligence instead of Strength in damage calculations.
  • Lots o' Arrers: This ability's animation will no longer continue after the Squig Herder runs out of AP.
  • Run Away!: This ability's cost has been lowered. The knock forward effect has been changed to a movement speed increase effect.
  • Splinterin' Arrers: You can now hit Keep doors with Run n' Shoot while this Tactic is slotted.
  • Sticky Squigz: This ability now costs the correct amount of Action Points to use.
Balance Changes 
  • Mounts: Dismounting will now grant Squig herders a brief "Heel" buff that allows your pet to be Instant cast for no AP, and without it's standard cooldown.
  • Sharpened Arrers: The amount of damage added to Explodin Arrers by this tactic has been increased.
  • Squig Armor: This ability no longer has a build time, and its reuse time has been greatly reduced.
  • Squigs: Will no longer be forced to attack tanks who Taunt or Challenge.
  • Tastes Like Chicken: The heal portion of the ability is no longer dependent on the pet's health at the time of the sacrifice.

Exteral Links Edit

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