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Game Update 1.2.0 is a Patch released to the Live Servers on Tuesday, March 3, 2009; for ease of reading, and due to the length of the Update, the Patch Notes have been broken into numerous subpages.

Shadow Warrior Edit

Bug Fixes 
  • Assault Stance: The Strength and Weapon Skill bonuses from Assault Stance will now stack with other Strength and Weapon Skill bonuses.
  • Install Fear: The tool tip will now correctly list the radius of this ability.
  • Outrider Patrol: This ability's tooltip will now show the amount of damage done.
  • Split Arrows: You can now hit keep doors with Spiral-Fletched Arrow while this Tactic is slotted.
  • Steady Aim: This ability's tooltip has been updated to better reflect what this ability affects.
  • Takedown: This will now work correctly when the target has Root immunity (Freedom).
  • The bonuses from Scout, Assault, and Skirmish Stance will now stack with other bonuses.
Balance Changes 
  • Eye Shot: This ability can now be used while moving.
  • Fell the Weak: The build time for this ability has been reduced to 0 seconds, but the cost has been increased.
  • Smoldering Arrow: The amount of damage added to Flame Arrow by this tactic has been increased.

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