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Game Update 1.2.0 is a Patch released to the Live Servers on Tuesday, March 3, 2009; for ease of reading, and due to the length of the Update, the Patch Notes have been broken into numerous subpages.

Engineer Edit

Bug Fixes 
  • All Turrets: Turret-specific abilities will now display in the Mastery Training window as being part of the associated Mastery.
  • Barbed Wire: This ability will now play its entire visual effect.
  • Bugman's Best: Fixed a bug which was allowing this ability's healing effect to inadvertently affect NPCs.
  • Concussive Mine: This ability will now properly disorient targets.
  • Coordinated Fire: This Tactic's effect will now increase damage as described. Additionally, this Tactic's effect will now last for the full duration of Signal Flare.
  • Electro Magnet: Targets pulled in by this ability will no longer clip directly into the Engineer. They will instead be offset by a varying amount to reduce collision issues.
  • Hollow Points: Multiple Engineers may now all affect a target with Hollow Points.
  • Land Mine: Fixed a bug which caused this ability to trigger a disproportionately long immunity timer.
  • Lighting Rod: Fixed a bug that caused this ability to receive more benefit from stats than intended.
  • Self Destruct: This ability's tooltip will no longer claim it costs AP. Additionally, this ability is now considered a ranged attack (improved with Ballistic skill) that deals Corporeal damage.
  • Snipe: Fixed a bug which was incorrectly reducing the cost of this ability.
  • Stopping Power: The knockback gained from this tactic will now apply immunity.
  • Tangling Wire: Fixed a bug that allowed this ability to gain benefits from stats.
Balance changes 
  • Concussive Mine: This ability will now disorient the targets by 50%.
  • Hollow Points: Decreased damage over time duration of this ability but increased damage per second, also increased stat benefit.
  • Rune of Forging: This ability will now absorb more damage.
  • Sticky Bomb: This ability will now deal Corporeal Damage. Additionally, this ability will now explode if the target is killed.
  • Summoned Turrets: Will no longer be forced to attack tanks who Taunt or Challenge.

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