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Game Update 1.2.0 is a Patch released to the Live Servers on Tuesday, March 3, 2009; for ease of reading, and due to the length of the Update, the Patch Notes have been broken into numerous subpages.

Archmage Edit

Bug Fixes 
  • Balanced Mending: This ability will now correctly function as described.
  • Gift of Life: This ability's build time has been reduced, and cooldown time increased.
  • Hurried Restore: Fixed a tooltip display issue.
  • Scatter the Winds: The debuff portion of this ability will no longer apply when the damage portion is blocked or disrupted.
  • Storm of Cronos: This ability will now correctly reduce the target's Spirit resistance.
  • Wild Healing: This ability's effect will no longer trigger from damage-over-time critical ticks.
Balance changes 
  • Arcing Power: Now heals defensive target 100% of the time.
  • Balance Essence: This ability's damage has been increased.
  • Blessing of Isha: This ability will now cast faster and heal for a higher value.
  • Dispel Magic: The damage of this ability has been increased and changed to Spirit damage. However, this damage will not critically hit or receive benefit from stats.
  • Drain Magic: Now steals AP from target instead of just removing it.
  • Healing Energy: This ability will now heal slightly more initially, but slightly less over time. The over time portion will now last 5 seconds.
  • Isha's Ward: This ability will now absorb more damage.
  • Searing Touch: This ability will receive greater damage contribution from stats.
  • Shield of Saphery: This ability will now absorb more damage.
  • Transfer Magic: Now makes Drain Magic siphon AP from an area, but halves the amount drained. (Note: It still only damages a single target).
  • Walk Between Worlds: Detaunt duration doubled, and cooldown halved.
  • Winds' Protection: This ability will now absorb more damage.

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