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The following Hot Fixes have been applied to Game Update 1.1.1.

February 25, 2009 Edit

Free Transfers for Characters Rank 11 and Lower Edit

  • We are pleased to announce that we are opening up the free transfers for Rank 11 or lower characters to all existing players with an active account. Previously these transfers were only available to players currently enjoying our free trial. Now, all players with an active account may reap the benefits of this free service.
  • For all players not currently participating in the free trial, unlimited transfers are now available for any character of rank 11 or lower. There is a maximum of one transfer allowed per day. Please also note that characters may only transfer to a server with a ruleset that is the same as the one they transferred from. This offer will be extended to all players who transition from the free trial to full-time subscribers.
  • For more information on the free trial, including a helpful FAQ, please follow this link: Free Trial FAQ.

Capital Cities Edit

  • The Altdorf side entrance will now remain open when Altdorf becomes contested.

Items Edit

Realm vs. Realm Edit

  • The postern doors and guards at the Butcher's Pass Fortress will now reset correctly when the campaign resets.
  • The inner door in the Maw Fortress will now properly change to an attackable state when the Fortress is unlocked.
  • The guards at the Maw Fortress will now despawn when Ashleen Dreadweaver is slain.
  • Fixed an issue with the Blood of the Black Cairn scenario that was preventing Destruction from recapturing the Estate flag after it had been captured by Order.

External Links Edit

Past 1.1.1 Hot Fixes Edit

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