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The following Hot Fix was applied to Game Update 1.1.1 on February 13, 2009.

Details Edit

Combat and Careers Edit

  • Fixed an issue that could, in some cases, cause root immunity not to work properly.

Content Edit

  • Fixed an issue that caused some monsters in the Empire starting area not to fight back when attacked.

Items Edit

Quests and Public Quests Edit

Public Quests 
  • Burnbeard's Oath: Fixed an issue that could cause this Public Quest to get stuck on Stage 1.
  • The Grisly Herd: The final boss of this Public Quest will no longer reset in the middle of combat.

Realm vs. Realm Edit

  • The doors at the Badmoon Hole Keep will now be attackable by the attacking realm.
  • The Contested Altdorf and Contested The Inevitable City side doors will now be open, allowing defending players to more easily leave the city if they choose.
  • Players will no longer get stuck when using the postern doors in Butcher’s Pass.
  • We have normalized the amount of players required to launch any Tier 4 Scenario. All Tier 4 Scenarios will now launch when 24 players for each realm are queued, regardless of the size of the Scenario.

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