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Game Update 1.1.1 is a Patch released to the Live Servers on Tuesday, February 3, 2009.

For a list of Hot Fixes made to Game Update 1.1.1, see Game Update 1.1.1/Hot Fixes.

Patch Notes Edit

Highlights Edit

Night of Murder Live Event: This update includes Warhammer Online’s next live event, the Night of Murder, which begins on February 6, 2009. Check out the Night of Murder live event page for full details including dates, lore, and exclusive event rewards.

Russian Launch: With this update, we’re very excited to bring Warhammer Online to Russia! This update includes numerous improvements and fixes specific to the Russian client.

New Flight Masters: New Flight Masters have been added to some Chapter Hubs to ensure that each realm has equal means of travel. Read about this change in the General Changes and Bug Fixes section.

New Quests: New quests are available from Keep Lords and Battlefield Objective Sergeants. Talk to the leaders there and help defend your territory!

General Changes and Bug Fixes Edit

New Flight Masters have been added to those zones in which a realm did not previously have one. Now, players will be able to take a Flight Master from even more zones in the game! Where a realm does not have a warcamp in a given zone, the Flight Master has been placed in a Chapter Hub instead. Below is a list of the Chapter Hubs where new Flight Masters have been added:

Realm vs. Realm Edit

  • Karaz Drengi: The heavy oil at Karaz Drengi will now properly damage enemies below.
  • Grond’s Keep: All guards in this Tier 3 Keep will now correctly aggro on enemy players.
  • A minimum level of 37 is now needed to participate in Fortress assault/defense.
  • Players will now get a 10-second warning before being teleported back to their warcamps if the Fortress has reached its population cap or if they are below the Rank restriction.
  • Using the Scenario auto-queue feature will no longer occasionally place players into a Scenario that is associated with a locked zone.
  • The value of Scenarios towards City Capture has been reduced. The value of Battle Objectives and skirmishes towards City Capture has been increased.
  • We have reduced the hit points on the three outer doors of all Fortresses. We will continue to evaluate the difficulty of the Fortress encounters and make adjustments as necessary.
  • In Fortresses, the Fortress Lord’s Terror aura will now affect defending players as well as attackers.

Content Edit

General Edit
Quests Edit
  • Pile it Up: This quest will no longer abandon itself when the player uses the handful of mud quest item on the Dwarven Statue.
Public Quests Edit
  • Altsadt: The dirt mounds will now properly reset for subsequent play-throughs of this Public Quest.
  • Fallen Keep of Grom Rodrin: Mobs in this Greenskin 19 Public Quest are now named correctly.

External Links Edit

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