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Game Update 1.1.0c was released to the Live Servers on 12 December, 2008, as an addition to Game Update 1.1.0a and Game Update 1.1.0b. This Patch marked the start of the Keg End Live event.

Patch NotesEdit

Combat and CareersEdit

Knight of the Blazing SunEdit
  • On Your Guard!: This ability will now damage a target a maximum of once every two seconds. This applies to instances of multiple Knights casting this aura in the same party.

General Changes and Bug FixesEdit

  • Made some improvements to server performance during large-scale open RvR battles.
  • Improvements have been made to reduce the texture blurring that some players have been experiencing. We will continue to work to resolve this issue completely.

Realm versus RealmEdit

  • Improved the framerate loss that sometimes occurred when deploying a guild standard. We will continue to work to resolve this issue completely.

User InterfaceEdit

  • Fixed an issue that caused buff and debuff icons to persist on a player's screen even after the effect(s) had worn off.
  • Players who run the game at a graphical resolution of 1600x1200 will now once again be able to create new auctions at the auction house.

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