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HOT FIX 09/26/2008 Edit

Queues bypass systemEdit

  • Player's position in the queues will now be saved when disconnected for a short period of time.

Guild TavernEdit

  • All players in a guild will now have access to the guild tavern at the appropriate guild rank level.

Tactic TrainersEdit

  • All tactic trainers in the main city libraries have been temporarily turned off, while we investigate an issue involving them. They will return as soon as this issue is resolved, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Troll CountryEdit

  • Players will no longer get the T3 scenario queue window when attempting to zone into the scenario cave in Troll Country.

Open-RvR ServersEdit

  • Players will no longer receive the "bolster" buff while in Kadrin Valley.
  • As always we're working to improve performance and stability across the board!

HOT FIX 09/27/2008 Edit

In a continuing effort to make the game run as smoothly as possible, we have added the following fixes to all servers this morning:

  • Several stability fixes have been introduced.
  • Resolved several crashes that were related to teleporting and/or respawning.
  • We addressed reports from some players who were having issues with their screen going black and locking up.

These fixes are now live. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone, and thanks for your support!

HOT FIX 09/29/2008 Edit

Gather round for a fresh batch of Hot Fixes, fresh from the Dev oven!

Combat and CareersEdit

  • Fixed an issue with the Rune Priest spell Grimnir's Shield that allowed it to stack with Guard to absorb 100% of incoming damage.
  • Fixed an issue with the Zealot spell Embrace the Warp that allowed it to stack with Guard to absorb 100% of incoming damage.
  • The Ironbreaker tactic Powered Etchings will no longer stack with other snare effects.

Realm vs. Realm Edit

  • Fixed an issue that would, in some cases, allow players to use the mounted speed buff in scenarios.
  • Players participating in the Black Fire Basin scenario will now receive the benefits of "Bolster."

HOT FIX 09/30/2008 Edit


It's been another busy day here at Mythic! In addition to the implementation of Cross Pairing Queues below is a list of today's Hot Fixes.

Enjoy and have fun!

Capital Cities Edit

  • The Mastiff's End Brawler in Altdorf will no longer start bar fights and kill the other patrons at the Mastiff's End Tavern.

Combat and Careers Edit

  • The tactic 'Golden Aura' will now only affect valid enemy targets.

Content Edit

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from completing the 'Fireforge's Trail' quest.
  • In the 'Honorable Deceit' quest, players will now receive the appropriate 'Karond Wine' to drink. This may require re-accepting the quest to obtain the correct item.
  • Fixed an issue in the 'Inevitable Power' quest that was preventing players from interacting with the statue.
  • Fixed an issue with the quest 'On the Brink of Chaos' that was preventing players from reading Lord Grauenberg's missive.
  • Players can now turn in the 'Caledor in Flames' quest to Kuvith Darkshadow.

The monster Suntear in Chrace is now friendly to Order-realm players.

  • The monster Toof Maw in Gunbad has been adjusted to a more appropriate level for his surroundings.
  • The quest 'Spotting Trouble' will now correctly advance when the player kills Warprot Stormvermin.
  • The Uthorin Felshade will now attack all enemies, and not just melee ones.

Realm vs. Realm Edit

  • The Stonetroll Pacifier in the Stonetroll Crossing scenario will now reset before players can obtain it again.

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