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Gahlvoth Darkrage

Gahlvoth Darkrage

Rank Mob
Zone The Chaos Wastes
Subzone The Bastion Stair

(Trail of Carnage)

PC Reactions

Order Hostile
Destruction Hostile

Gahlvoth Darkrage stands on the back left of the room. The main thing to know about this boss is that he has an area targetted area effect spell that he casts randomly on the ground. Please have animations on for this encounter! The spell has about a 10ft range and does up to 1500 damage per tick if you are in range. As far as our group knows, this spell will stay in that area for the rest of the encounter. So everyone should take note where these are.

The tank should taunt and tank Gahlvoth at the corner he is standing with the ranged dps scattered throughout the room. Once the tank has engaged, he will then cast his initial ground effect spell. Make sure to move out of it as fast as possible and to quick heal the damage since it can easily kill a person. We haven't really timed it but I think he casts this every 10-15 seconds. So, if your DPS can't do its job fairly quickly, you WILL WIPE! The longer the encounter is, the smaller the safe zone gets. Other than the horrific AE spell, this boss is a 'tank and spank'. There will be times that he will cast the spell on tactical spots that it will end up impossible to kill him. If this happens, run out and reset him. There will be a good amount of resetting with this boss but once you get lucky, he will drop nicely.

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