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  • number: id = An unique ability ID


An ability table, which includes additional ability Informations


The table returned by this function includes the following data:

  • number: careerID
  • number: abilityImprovementCap
  • number: stanceOrder
  • number: targetType
  • boolean: isHealing
  • boolean: isBuff
  • boolean: isStatsBuff
  • boolean: isOffensive
  • number: specialization
  • number: numTacticSlots
  • number: reuseTimerMax
  • boolean: isGranted
  • number: abilityType
  • boolean: isDefensive
  • number: reuseTimer
  • number: iconNum
  • number: abilityImprovementThreshold
  • boolean: isDebuff
  • number: id
  • number: moraleCost
  • boolean: isActive
  • boolean: hasAPCostPerSecond
  • boolean: requiresPet
  • boolean: isDamaging
  • wstring: name
  • number: abilityCost
  • number: moraleLevel
  • number: tacticType
  • number: cooldown
  • boolean: isPassiv

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