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Frothing Slayer

Frothing Slayer

Rank 40 Champion Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Zone Twisting Tower
Coordinates 12600, 13500

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Order Friendly

"There may be tons o' rocks here, but my instincts tell me this ain't a fittin' place Dwarfs or Manlings."

- Frothing Slayer

The Frothing Slayer has taken it upon himself to investigate the mysteries of the Twisting Tower; a Runepriest and his bodyguards came out of the place with something lose in their heads. Though they made more sense at that point, at least to the Slayer's sensibilities, a remedy to their condition may await discovery within the site.

Quests Edit

"Keep yer wits sharp an' your axe sharper!"

- Frothing Slayer

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Ends Quests Edit

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