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The legendary workshop of Logrin Olgrumson has been unearthed, promising both riches and badly needed weapons to the faction that can maintain control of the Forge. Now both Order and Destruction forces converge upon the ancient workshop, both sides determined to claim the Dwarf horde as their own.

Forged in BloodEdit

The Logrin's Forge scenario is open again for characters of all levels! Take the Hammer and the Anvil for your realm! Carve a bloody swath of destruction through your enemies and emerge victorious from the Forge with a new and unique title!


  • Participate in the Logrin's Forge scenario 25 times (25)
  • Capture Logrim's Hammer 10 times (10)
  • Capture Logrin's Anvil 10 times (10)
  • Defeat 100 enemy realm players (100)
  • Complete all Forged in Blood tasks (4)



This Live Event ran on the following dates

  • 15 June 2012 - 18 June 2012

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