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Stumbling upon an unusual network of tunnels beneath Praag, a small band of Order finds themselves within the slumbering walls of The Eternal Citadel. Followed by members of Destruction, these two forces clash within Tchar'zanek's throne room... but that is not all that trespasses through this labyrinth of twister reality.

Days of DoomEdit

The Eternal Citadel scenario is open for all characters of all levels! Work closely with your party to defeat the party of your enemy! Guard any ally marked by the Winds of Change!


  • Participate in The Eternal Citadel scenario 15 times (15)
  • Defeat 50 enemy players within The Eternal Citadel scenario (50)
  • Defeat 10 enemy players marked by the Winds of Change (10)
  • Win The Eternal Citadel scenario with 500 points 5 times (5)
  • Complete all Foray of Fate tasks (4)


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