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Flying Disc
Flying disc concept
Mount Info
Races: Chaos

Requires: (unknown)

((Other Info:) (unknown))

Flying discs are a special creature used by Magi of Tzeentch. They are barely sentient living creatures, arcane fusions of daemon and metal, that in their natural state float silently across the land in packs looking for prey to swoop swiftly upon. A follower of Tzeentch who is gifted with one of these monstrosities must direct his will towards controlling the disc at all times, for if it was left unrestrained the disc would instantly turn upon its master.

Being daemonic entities and creatures of Tzeentch, flying discs have their own innate magical power. It's possible that as a Magus increases in power, his Disc will gain the ability to cast bolts of lightning at their foes when needed, or to manifest tentacled appendages and metallic teeth to attack enemies within melee range.

It is said that flying discs are a form of screamer.


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