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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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FP, an abbreviate for Flight Path, is a start/stop place in a big network of flight paths. Between these spots you can travel in a faster way than by foot, though the direction can't be altered while traveling.

Once one flight path is found within a given tier, that character may now fly to any of the flight paths within that tier from any other flight path. There are no restrictions about which flight points connect (ie., you can fly from any flight point to any other flight point that is in a tier you have discovered).

All flight paths are located at warcamps.

Icon Dwarves Dwarves / Icon Greenskins Greenskins flight points Edit

Controlling Race Tier Region Destruction flightpoints Order flightpoints
Icon Dwarves Dwarves I Ekrund None Grudgekeg's Guard:

57500, 18000

Icon Greenskins Greenskins I Mount Bloodhorn Screeb's Stunty Huntin' Warcamp:

8500, 21500

Icon Dwarves Dwarves II Barak Varr Foultoof's Warcamp:

39000, 45000

Goldpeak's Warcamp:


Icon Greenskins Greenskins II Marshes of Madness Morth's Mire Warcamp:

25000, 24000

Thurarikson's Warcamp:

39000, 41000

Icon Dwarves Dwarves III Black Fire Pass Torka's Boyz:

32855, 6641

Odinadotr's Watch:

36700, 21300

Icon Greenskins Greenskins III The Badlands Muggar's Choppaz

48759, 44739

Dour Guard

17500, 34500

Icon Dwarves Dwarves IV Kadrin Valley Krung's Scrappin' Spot

37000, 51000

Gharvin's Brace

2700, 3500

Neutral IV Thunder Mountain Mudja's Warcamp

38000, 58000

Kagrund's Stand

36500, 9000

Icon Greenskins Greenskins IV Black Crag Shaz's Strong Huts

17500, 60000

Weatheredmane's Stand

45500, 7500

Icon Empire The Empire / Icon Chaos Chaos flight points Edit

Controlling Race Tier Region Chaos flightpoints Empire flightpoints
Icon Empire The Empire I Nordland Blessed Gathering Camp:

40500, 3000

Arnholdt's Company:

28137, 18692

Icon Chaos Chaos I Norsca None None
Icon Empire The Empire II Ostland Raven's Edge Warcamp:

27500, 4000

Icon Chaos Chaos II Troll Country None Blackbramble Hollow:

41069, 61080

Icon Empire The Empire III Talabecland Hellfang Ridge:

23331, 6728

Icon Chaos Chaos III High Pass None Unknown
Icon Empire The Empire City Altdorf None Unknown
Icon Empire The Empire IV Reikland Darkstone Vantage Warcamp:

39234, 31807

Neutral IV Praag Ursun's Wild

45000, 38000

Icon Chaos Chaos IV Chaos Wastes Seven Shades Creep:

23768, 29535

Icon Chaos Chaos City The Inevitable City Wyvern's Roost:

18000, 15500


Icon High Elves High Elf / Icon Dark Elves Dark Elf flight points Edit

Controlling Race Tier Region Dark Elf flightpoints High Elf flightpoints
Icon High Elves High Elf I Shining Guard None None
Icon Dark Elves Dark Elf I The Blighted Isle Dreamshade:

26500, 56500

Tor Aendris:

43000, 47000

Icon High Elves High Elf II Ellyrion None None
Icon Dark Elves Dark Elf II The Shadowlands Oath's End:

24000, 51000


47000, 42000

Icon High Elves High Elf III Saphery None None
Icon Dark Elves Dark Elf III Avelorn Isha's Fall:

16690, 53565

Emperor's Palace:

41472, 54170

Icon High Elves High Elf IV Eataine Ebonhold Watch:

27000, 24000

Neutral IV Dragonwake Unknown Unknown
Icon Dark Elves Dark Elf IV Caledor Conqueror's Watch:

28500, 24000


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