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Ability Flee
Learned on Rank 1
Core Ability
Usable by All careers
No cost
30s cooldown
  • For 10 seconds the speed is increased by 30%.
  • For 10 seconds AP won't regenerate.
  • Mechanics, morale and AP are set to 0 on cast.
You run away from the battle in a mad panic, increasing your run speed by 30% for 10 seconds. You immediately lose all of your action points, any career mechanic points, and your Morale will begin to drop, and you will not begin to regain action points until 10 seconds have passed.

You can use this ability again to cancel the effect early, but you will still remain panicked and will not regain action points for the full duration.
Granted buffs
Ability FleeStatus frame Buff up
Duration 10s
You are running away from battle.

Ability FleeStatus frame Buff up
Duration 10s
You are no longer regaining action points.
Run-run! Flee-flee! —Skavens routing Skaven

Flee is a starting action shared by all the careers, it allows for rapid travel for a brief time but inhibits the combat abilities, making it more useful when exiting a fight or when no combat is involved at all.

Notes Edit

Tips and tactics Edit

The cooldown for this action is high when compared to in-combat abilities, but not that high after all, so if you need to travel long distances (for instance if you are going toward a far objective into a scenario, it's rewarding to use it early and use it often, just plan it right so you can restore your AP before you meet any enemies.

Known Bugs Edit

  • The tooltip for the action states "increasing your run speed by 30", while it actually means 30%.

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