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Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Start Tharik Redaxe
End Tharik Redaxe


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Take the fingers out of your ears <name>! That's the sound of victory! You got the cannonballs and you deserve a go at it. Step up, aim, light the fuse, and watch them cannons roar!

That's Dwarf stonecraft across the way; it'll stand the blast of a thousand cannons, sure as Grimnir's Axe! It's them greenskins that won't.

Have at it!

Particulars Edit

  • Step up to one of the cannons at Mordrin's Anvil and fire into the greenskin-occupied side of the city.
  • Return to Tharik Redaxe nearby when complete.

Requirements Edit

Previous Quest Edit

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Completion Edit

Ah, the roar of the cannons! Can you smell the spent powder in the air? It's times like these when I'm proud to be a Dwarf!

Rewards Edit

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