Fist of Malekith

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Fist of Malekith
Zone Info
Realm: Destruction
Army: House Uthorin
Tier: 4 (Capital)
Paired with: Lothern

Originally slated to be in at launch, Fist of Malekith is a vast Black Ark that serves as Malekith's capital city during the invasion of Ulthuan.Developers have stated this capital city may be added in the future.


  • Fist of Malekith Library
  • Fist of Malekith Bank
  • Fist of Malekith Auction House

Icon Dark Elves House Uthorin zones
Tier 1: The Blighted Isle • Tier 2: The Shadowlands • Tier 3: Avelorn • Tier 4: Caledor • Capital: Fist of Malekith

Capital cities
Icon Empire AltdorfIcon Dwarves Karaz-a-KarakIcon High Elves Lothern Icon Chaos The Inevitable CityIcon Greenskins Karak Eight PeaksIcon Dark Elves Fist of Malekith

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